What Is Affiliate Program?

Ojasweb affiliate program is one of the best methods to earn decent income online without engaging in any serious work. At Ojasweb, we offer great opportunities for everyone who would like to make money online through our affiliate program. Our program is pretty simple, and anyone can earn from it. See breakdown of the program below.


Wherever you might be, you have the opportunity to meet some people and business owners. Nowadays, it is becoming a priority for businesses to advertise online. With Ojasweb affiliate program, you don’t need to do any tedious work. All what you need to do is to tell businesses about our services and let them know that we can help them run and manage their online advertising. Whenever you bring a customer for us, we’ll pay you minimum #3,000 per customer.


Those people who are looking for someone to help them advertise online are our prospects. For example, if a big boutique in your street is looking for someone to help them advertise their business online, they are our prospects, and we can help them do the adverts. Now, when you tell prospects about our services and they contact us for business, they’ll mention your name as the person that introduces our company to them. Once we start working with them, you’ll get your share.


Now, let’s say a big boutique in your street is looking for a company that can help them advertise their business online, and you direct them to us, we (Ojasweb Digital Solution) will consult them, and tell them everything about online advertising. Once they agree to start running the adverts, and they pay for our services, we’ll get back to you and send your own share of the money. This is the simplest explanation of how our affiliate program work. Contact us for more explanation.

Ojasweb Affiliate Program


  • As our affiliate, you’ll have more opportunities to connect with us.
  • As our affiliate, you might be qualified to have our ID Card.
  • You have opportunity to be invited to special events.
  • You’ll be paid for every client you refer to us.
  • You can have access to some of our premium training.
  • You will always get priority response from us.
  • You could become our partner and get more benefits.


Here are some frequently asked questions about our affiliate program.

Q: Who should I refer to you?

A: Anyone who’s looking for a company that can help them to advertise online, most especially business owners.

Q: How would I know when they contact you?

A: You need to tell them to mention your name as the referral, and also notify us about it.

Q: When and how do I get paid?

A: You’ll be paid immediately the client agree to our terms, and made immediate deposit. You can follow up with the clients you refer so that you can know when they started working with us.

Q: How much will I receive per client?

A: Every time you refer a client and they work with us, you’ll receive a fixed #3,000. However, your commission can also reach #5,000 per client.

Affiliate Request

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