We Fix Google Ads Issues & Increase Sales And Leads

We will get your local services ads approved. No advance verification required. We protect your account from suspension. We optimize and manage your campaigns. And we drive quality traffic to your website with Google ads, which increase revenue and profit for your business.

Don’t Lose Your Google Ads Account Due To Try & Error

Don’t get caught in:

Repeated Google ads disapproval that occur due to various policy violation.

Account suspension which may prevent you from further using Google ads.

Google Ads Can Still Work For You

Even if you have been facing several challenges while trying to make Google ads work for you, at Ojasweb Digital Solution, we assure you that we will help you get your business back on Google ads without losing your account. We guarantee that your ads will run and drive quality traffic to your website which will eventualy help you generate more revenue and profit for your business.

What Can I Expect To Get?

Approved Google Ads

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Even if your ads have been disapproved repeatedly, we will help you get them approved irrespective of your products or services.

Tracking And Integration

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In order to track the performance of your ads, we will implement tracking code and/or analytics on your website.

Quality Website Traffic

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With expertly configured campaigns and proper optimization and management, you will get high quality traffic in your website.

Improved Results

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With Ojasweb Digital Solution, you will drive improved result for your business with the help of Google ads.

No Account Suspension

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We protect your account at all cost to make sure that your ads run smoothly without being suspended.

Ongoing Management

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Our ongoing management service will prevent the ads from being disapproved, protect your Google ads account from suspension, optimize the campaigns for improved result and help you avoid any trial and error that could be costing you a lot of money.

Who Have Gotten Good Results Through Ojasweb?


Ojasweb Digital Solution took up the challenge in 2018, to help NMG Contracting setup optimized campaign and drive more customers for their business through Google ads.

It is over 3 years since we started working with the company, and we have been delivering fantastic result ever since then.

eCommerce Performance Report

We have setup and managed eCommerce campaigns for different people across the world.

Below are some of the performance report.

What Ojasweb Clients Have To Say

The images below show some of the feedback from our clients. You can also read some feedback on our Google page.

About Ojasweb Digital Solution

Ojasweb is a PPC advertising agency that help business owners drive quality traffic and improved sales and leads through Google ads. We are  Google premier partner, which confirms Ojasweb Digital Solution as the top 3% Google partner that help people grow their business through Google ads.


Getting Started is Easy


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Starting The Project

Once we’ve received the initial deposit and the required information, the project will commence.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have any training program/courses?

Yes, we have training courses that can help you run your adverts on Google. The courses are recommended for you if you don’t have the budget to hire us to take up the challenge for you.

Who pays for the advertising?

Clients are responsible for paying for the advertising spent. We do not bear the responsibility for covering for the advertising spent. We also do not accept to fund ads account on clients behalf.

How much do you charge per month?

Our charges starts at 600 USD per month for local businesses. However, for eCommerce business, we charge 7% of the total revenue generated from the advert. Charges is per ads account.

Is my account safe with you?

Yes, your Google ads account is always safe with us. We do not have access to your billing information, and also you have 100% access to the account to see whatever we are doing at any particular time.

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