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Google My Business is a program that allows business owners to list business on Google absolutely for free. It is one of the major recommendations for building local SEO for businesses. It is available in every country, and every business with physical address can sign up and list their businesses. Although, listing of businesses on Google is free, however the process is somehow technical, and you might need to hire a reputable digital marketing company to do the work. In this short “how to” guide, i’ll tell you how to list business on Google in Nigeria. Before i go into the details, let me quickly mention some of the benefits of listing your business on Google.

Benefits of Listing business on Google

For serious online marketers, being at the top of Google search results for searches related to their businesses is golden. If you want to attract more people to your business and get more clients coming each day, you need to make sure that your business appears on Google. Not just appearing on Google, but the very first page of every searches related to your business. By listing your business on Google, you’re close to achieving just that. So below are some of the benefits when you list business on Google.

  • No charges for listing your business. it is absolutely free.
  • Once your business is verified by Google, it will be visible on Google maps.
  • Your business will be visible on Google search.
  • You’ll be qualified to create simple web page for your business.
  • People will be able to see your business address on Google maps and Google search.
  • People will be able to know when your business is open and also find your phone number easily.
  • Run ads on Google with AdWords express
  • Your business will rank high in local SEO, etc.

With these awesome benefits, you wouldn’t want to miss the chance of getting found on Google when people search for your business. So, now i will guide you on how to list your business on Google and get it verified.

Requirements to list business on Google

You need to have a couple of things ready before you can successfully list your business on Google. In this section you’ll see the major requirements and why you need them.

  1. Email address, preferably gmail. This is the email you’ll use to register and login to your account.
  2. Phone number (business phone number is preferred). This is where people can reach you on phone for business deals.
  3. Physical location. This is what Google use to verify your business and prevent unauthorized people from registering your business.

Step By Step Guide

1. Go to Google My Business Page and login with your gmail address. If you’re registering on behalf of a company, try to use their gmail address or create new one for them. Once you login, you’ll see a page similar to the image below.

2. Select “add a single location” as shown in the image below.

list business on google nigeria

Once you select the “Add a single location” option, you;ll be taken to a page where you can fill up your business information. As you enter the business name, Google will automatically search their database to check if your business is already listed. As seen in the image below, Google search their database and found that Ojasweb Digital Solution is already listed. In case your business has name similar to other listings, you need to ignore the suggestion and write your business name and complete the form. It should take less than five minutes to complete.

list business on google

After completing the form, click done and a page like the image below will appear. Note, if a red notification appears after clicking the “DONE” button, try to manually drag the map locator to your address. To do that, click “select marker location” as shown below.

list business on google

On the next page you’ll see the summary of the business information that you just filled. If you notice any error, click the back button to fix it. Note that you can correct any error after completing the registration. However if everything is correct, mark the little box to specify that you can manage the listing on behalf of the company.

Once you review the information and mark the little box, click continue and you’ll be asked to verify the business. Previously, the only verification option is by mail, and it may take up to 30 days before the verification code arrives. However as at the time of writing this guide, Google has added a new verification method which allows instant verification by video chat with Google representative.

If you request for verification by mail, Google will send the verification PIN to the address of your business. However in the event that they cannot located the address, they might drop the letter in the nearest post office. Once you get the letter, go back to Google My Business Page and login with your details. Select “published locations” as shown in the image below.

google my business page

From the published locations page, click “manage location as shown in the image below.

google business listing

Now you’ll be taking to the main business page where you can edit, create a web page, post articles, upload images, view and reply to reviews, see performance analytics, etc. However before your business can go live on Google search, Google maps and other places, you’ll need to verify it. If you’ve received the verification PIN as discussed above, you’ll see a RED notification on the business page asking you to verify the business. All what you need to do is to click “Verify Now” and enter the verification PIN.

Congratulations! your business is now live in Google search, Google maps, and other supported platforms. You can then see your business appearing on Google like the image below.

ojasweb digital solution google search

I hope this guide helps you list your business on Google without issue. If you have questions or need help getting it done without delay, Ojasweb Digital Solution will be glad to help. Of course, you can call us or use the contact form on our website to submit your request.