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Companies run brand awareness campaigns today to create awareness of their products or services in order to let the public know the uniqueness of what they are offering and how they stand out from others.

Brand awareness campaigns are used for strengthening the positive image of a brand and is especially essential for start-up companies or newbie online entrepreneurs – for it is through it that they introduce themselves to the public. When done properly, brand awareness campaigns establish a strong awareness of a product or service in people and builds a confidence and curiosity as well, in them to try out the new brand.

With the growing online business industry in Nigeria, brand awareness has become an everyday thing as new brands are released into the market every now and then.

Google’s large advertising industry and huge traffic record, positions it as a giant in advertising and gives it the capacity to provide the right advertising platform for your brand awareness campaigns.

The big question now is, “how can I, as an online entrepreneur in Nigeria, use Google AdWords to increase brand awareness for my product?” This is necessary, given that many online business owners in Nigeria have at one time or the other, used Google AdWords but because they had no knowledge of how it works, could not manage their campaigns effectively and consequently, lost a lot of money. For this reason, most of them dismissed Google AdWords as a fruitless investment.

So are you an online entrepreneur with products and services you want Nigerians to know about but do not know how to go about it?

Look no further! In this article, we are going to expose the secrets of how you can use Google AdWords to increase your brand awareness in Nigeria. Many online entrepreneurs in Nigeria have recorded successes in their businesses all thanks to Google AdWords. And you are going to find out how they did it. So read on:

The answer to how you can use Google AdWords to increase brand awareness in Nigeria lies in the Google Display Network. You may be wondering what that is: Google Display Network is one of the two networks that make up Google AdWords. The other is the Search Network. These two networks, together make up Google AdWords with each having a specific purpose and contribution in advertising.

With Google Display Network, you can set up your brand awareness campaign. This network, according to Google, reaches over 90% of internet users all over the world via more than 2 million sites. The strategy here is that Google will display your ad – which could be in text, image or video formats – on your preselected websites so as to be seen by visitors or surfers on that site.

Use Google AdWords To Increase Brand Awareness In Nigeria

To set your ad running on Google Display Network in order to effectively increase brand awareness in Nigeria, take the following steps:

  1. Find your customers

Your brand awareness, both in Nigeria and beyond, can only record an increase when your ads are seen by people who actually need your product or service. How do you find these people?

  • Use the right keywords for your campaign as your potential customers are likely to be using same keywords in their search or are browsing like-sites.
  • Choose the relevant sites where your ads will appear on. This is to ensure that you don’t waste money on irrelevant sites where people will click on your ads and then find out that they don’t need your product or service.
  • Remarket to those who have already visited your site on the Display Network sites where they saw your ad.
  1. Use many different ad formats

In order to bring variety and color to your brand awareness campaign, don’t stick to one ad format. Use as many as possible as this will suit the different preferences of your target customers. Get very engaging and appealing text, image, and video ads for your brand awareness campaign and watch the results roll in.

  1. Track your progress

Once your campaign launches, you shouldn’t just cross your legs and wait for results. In order to record an increase in the success of your ad campaign, you should study your results to know if the expected increase is reflecting.

Google makes this easier for you: it provides you with details of what sites and pages your ads appeared on, which ads are recording the highest number of clicks, which sites are cheapest for you even while turning in high sales etc. These information should help you make adjustments and changes that will help you reach your target.

You stand to gain a lot and record a significant increase in your business with Google AdWords. The process of using Google AdWords to increase brand awareness in Nigeria has been simplified for you, so what are you still waiting for? Get on the train! Nigeria is waiting!!

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