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Learn how to advertise on YouTube in Nigeria and discover the secrets of turning your little investment into a huge success. Advertising your brand on YouTube has great potential for high returns – and I will tell you why.

Firstly, it is a known fact in marketing and advertising, that video adverts draw more attention from customers; have a higher compelling and convincing power on customers and brings in higher returns than just text adverts. YouTube, is the most popular video sharing site on the internet, and there is no telling how much it has to offer you in your video advertising quest.

Being the most popular video sharing site highlights the volume of traffic on its pages, seeking videos of various categories. Internet marketers and business owners in Nigeria, who are smart enough to advertise on YouTube, have reaped a lot of benefit from it.

I would add too, that it is high time more Nigerian business owners joined their contemporaries both in Nigeria and the world over, to advertise their brand on YouTube.

That said, let us delve into the business of this article and reveal how you can position your business for growth in Nigeria by advertising your brand in YouTube.


Create a Google AdWords account. Google AdWords is the advertising department at Google that handles everything advertising on Google owned platforms such as Google search, YouTube, AdSense, Google play, Gmail and Google search partners. Before you can advertise on any of these platforms, you need to create a AdWords account. If you already have one, then go to adwords.google.com/ and login in order for you to be able to create your video advert campaign.

Link YouTube Channel with AdWords. On the next step, after creating your Google AdWords account, you have to link your AdWords account to your YouTube channel. See the instruction on how to link your channel below.

  • Login to your AdWords account and click the “SPANNER” icon at the top right of the dashboard.
  • From the drop-down menus, look at the “SETUP” column and select “LINKED ACCOUNTS”.
  • On the “linked accounts” page, you can link all the supported services to Google AdWords account, including Google Analytics, Google play, YouTube, Google Search Console, Google Merchant Center, and lots more.
  • Select “YouTube”  and click “ADD CHANNEL”
  • Search for the YouTube channel or paste the url to the input space and the channel will come up.
  • Select the channel and send the linking request.
  • Login to your channel email address and click the request link send to your email. This is to help you prevent another person from linking your channel to their AdWords account.
  • Once you accept the link request, your YouTube channel will be linked to Google AdWords and you can then advertise on the channel.

link youtube channel with adwords

Create your campaign

Now that you’ve successfully created your AdWords account and linked your YouTube channel, the next thing is to create your campaign. It is time to select the general settings for your ad. Setting your daily budget is important here, as it will determine the maximum amount you are willing to pay for your advert daily. This way, you can control how much you spend to advertise on YouTube.

The next step is where you will set the target locations for your ad. If your product will sell more in a particular city, region, country etc., then it will be wise to target those areas only. By doing this, it is only people searching for videos on YouTube with your keywords (will come to this later in the article), that will see your video ad.

The next step is where you will upload your video ad. Upload it straight to your YouTube account. Make sure that your video is well formatted and edited to bring the expected results.

There are so many other settings you can navigate to your taste to enhance your advert and bring in buyers:

  • Running Time: with this setting, you can choose what time of the day your ad will run or be displayed to viewers. You can choose 8am – 4pm which are the average work hours or 11 pm – 6am when potential customers are likely to be asleep as your “no-display” periods. Evenings and weekends may be more rewarding periods as your buyers are likely in their leisure, surfing on YouTube. You must however, note that “ad display periods” are dependent on what you are advertising and who you are selling to.
  • Target Devices: You can choose target devices to advertise to. It could be mobile, desktop, laptop, tablets etc. If your customers are likely to be students, then targeting mobile devices will pay off.
  1. Use the Google Keyword Tool to find the relevant keywords for your advert. You must be as thorough as possible because using the right keywords will bring you the right customers and eliminate the wrong ones who do not need your product or service. Enter your choice keywords and get your ad ready for launch.

Finally, like they say, practice makes perfect. Therefore, when you are set to advertise on YouTube, you will keep learning and improving on YouTube advertising. Very soon, your brand will gain popularity in Nigeria, and you will keep smiling to the bank!

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