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Online advertising has over time, proven to be a fast and reliable way of driving relevant traffic to a site and what better platform to choose for such projects than Google.

Google, no doubt is one of the leading platforms for online advertising. Its capacity to provide top-notch, result-oriented advertising services to her ever-growing clientele, has made it a colossus in online advertising. The company has a department solely responsible for managing their advertising services. The department is called AdWords.

Google AdWords is an effective, cost efficient strategy in advertising. Many smart internet based business owners in Nigeria and other parts of the world, have tapped into its profit yielding potentials to make overwhelming returns in their various businesses.

However, many a start-up internet business owners in Nigeria and of course, the world over, are yet to realize the transformation Google AdWords can bring to their site. The teeming traffic on Google can be expertly maximized or to be more exact, properly guided to get what they are searching for on Google. This is exactly what Google AdWords can do for your website: Your ads appear only to relevant surfers on google – that way, you can boast of a high conversion rate on your site.

Signing up and getting started on Google AdWords takes a little as a snap of fingers. It takes a very simple process to get your account set – up and fired up to make money. As a matter of fact, one can get right into publishing their ads as soon as their Google AdWords account is opened.

In the rest part of this article, I will take you through the simple steps of how to sign up for Google AdWords in Nigeria and drive targeted visitors to your website with Google advertising.

Google AdWords sign up all begins with your Gmail account. If you already have one, that is fine and you are well on your way to have your Google AdWords account, set up.

However, if you do not have one, go straight to, and sign up first for a Gmail account. Having a Google account makes things easier and faster for you when you want to use any of Google’s products as Google allows “one account for all of Google.”

Once you’re done with the Gmail account set-up, the next step is to actually create your AdWords account.

The sign up process is simple and easy. Take the following steps to sign up and create your AdWords account:

  1. Go right to or
  2. Click on the “start now” button. There is also a phone number on the page from their support team. You can call this number for your enquiries.
  3. The “Start Now” button takes you straight to the proper sign-up page where you enter more of your details. Enter your email address (Gmail address) as well as your website address into the provided bars.
  4. If you would need tips and recommendations that would improve your ad performance, you can check the circle beside the option and activate it. However, if you have no need for them, also check the circle that disables it.
  5. Click on the “continue” button.
  6. You will be taken to a page where you are required to login to your Gmail address; enter your password and login.

With this, you have basically created your Google AdWords account. The next page confirms this as you will see that you have been assigned a Customer ID and on that page, you will enter into the finer details of writing your ad, paying for it and finally launching your ad on Google!

For a professional help in setting up your AdWords campaign and managing your advertisement profitably, contact Ojasweb Digital Solution at