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Google shopping UK is the UK directory for Google shopping which makes it easy for retail stores in the UK to sell their products to users who are actively researching for products on Google. The UK directory is specifically designed to make shopping for local products very easy. As expected, Google shopping UK is solely for the UK, and no products from other countries can be listed on the directory.

Google shopping is awesome in that it makes it easier for shoppers to compare prices and view product images before clicking through to the merchant website. In addition to the price display and product image, Google also include short product description to help shoppers learn more about the product before clicking.

How can one list products on Google shopping?

Everyone wishes that listing of products on Google shopping is free, however it is not. The shopping platform is exclusively for paid advertisers who have already fulfilled the minimum requirements for running shopping ads on the shopping platform and other supported platforms such as YouTube and Google search . If you’re new to advertising on Google, i strongly encourage you to review our Google advertising page to learn more about it and how it works. So, in order for anyone to display products on Google shopping website, the individual must be a paid user. In the remaining part of this article, i’ll talk about running Google shopping campaign for your online store.

Requirements for setting up Google shopping UK

In my previous article i highlighted the basic requirements for setting up shopping campaign for Shopify store. If you’re pretty new to Google shopping, it is important to let you know that you need to have an ecommerce enabled website in order for you to run the shopping campaigns. What it mean is that you need to have a website where your products are listed for shoppers to place order. The website must support secured transaction via the “secured socket layer” encryption (SSL), and it must comply with Google merchant center policy and advertising policy.

In addition to the basic requirements, your country must be supported. And of course, Google shopping UK shows that it is available in the UK. As at the time of writing this post, Google shopping is available in limited number of countries. Some of the supported countries are USA, UK, CA, IN, AU, SA. DE. ES, JP, ND and few more countries. See examples of shopping ads below.

google shopping uk

Google shopping UK – Set up process

Unlike the popular search and display network campaign, shopping campaign is more technical, and it can take up to 72 hours to complete the setup and approval. Google shopping uk has the same set up process as other supported countries. Highlighted below are the set up process:

  • adding relevant pages and information to your ecommerce website. See the required page here.
  • setting up your Google merchant center account.
  • verifying your website in merchant center.
  • linking the merchant center account with AdWords
  • Uploading products feed to merchant center account.
  • setting up shopping campaign in AdWords.
  • Running and optimizing the shopping ads.

The steps highlighted above are necessary for running a Google shopping campaign. Some of the steps also require additional settings. For instance, uploading products feed might require additional configuration on the website, and verifying the website in merchant center might require manual uploading of Google code to the website file. Don’t let this disturb you, we can help you set up the whole things.

How we can help

At Ojasweb Digital Solution, we help ecommerce website owners set up and manage Google shopping campaigns and drive more conversions at a cheaper rate. Beyond the set up, we dig deep into the market and get actionable competitive data that can be used for business improvement. Knowing fully that the success of every campaign relies on data, we extend our management to Google analytics and utilize the sophisticated tool to analyze the traffic and build perfect audience for remarketing campaign.

And to clear your worries, we’re happy to mention that Ojasweb Digital Solution is a badged Google partner. Use the form below to contact us for special offer.

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