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No doubt, you can enroll for digital marketing training in Nigeria and become one of the best marketers in the world. One of the incredible things about online marketing is that you can learn in any part of the world and work with other professionals around the globe. If there’s only one benefit of modern online technologies, it would be the ability to learn from the ubiquitous online resources and work with individuals and companies from the comfort of your home.

Digital marketing is the future of marketing in Nigeria. Obviously, it has played the major roles in the economy of advanced countries like the USA, UK and Australia.

For the benefits of people who does not know what digital marketing is all about, I will try as much as possible to explain the concepts and provide some helpful guides that can help them to become a marketer. One thing I would like to say before I go into the main discussion is that “you cannot become a better marketer just by learning”, you need to practice what you’ve learnt and dig deep into the online resources. Now let’s talk about digital marketing in a way that our forefathers can understand it.

What the hell is digital marketing?

what is digital marketing?

Digital marketing is the term used for the marketing of products and services using the digital technologies, particularly on the internet, mobile phone and other digital medium. Wait, we’re not speaking grammar just yet. I know you don’t know the meaning of digital technology.

Digital technologies are devices that are capable of storing information in the form of binary code (combinations of the digits 0 and 1) also known as bits. Don’t be panic, we are only talking about the basis of storing information in computers. Fortunately, you don’t need to know all of this before you can become a digital marketer.

The primary duty of a digital marketer is to know how to use the internet technologies such as social media (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google plus), search engine (Google, baidu, bing, YouTube), and email marketing tools to market product and services on the internet. I know you are using some of the technologies mentioned above. In fact, you don’t need to learn before you can join Facebook and Twitter, it is extremely easy. Now that you want to do beyond the regular commenting on Facebook, you need to enroll for digital marketing training. Sad? No, it is really worth it. Let me guide you a bit further.

What are the important aspects of digital marketing?

Unfortunate for me, no one told me what the important aspects of digital marketing are. I learnt so many things about online business before I fully understood what digital marketing really is. You don’t need to struggle like myself before you can learn the right thing. I have listed the most important aspects of digital marketing below…

  1. Search Engine Optimization (SEO).
  2. Email Marketing
  3. Social Media Marketing
  4. Content Marketing
  5. PPC Advertising
  6. Video Marketing

Search engine optimization remains one of the most important aspects of digital marketing because it is needed in other branches. Without a solid knowledge of SEO, your PPC advertising, video marketing, content marketing and email marketing might not be productive.

Which is the easiest digital marketing skill to learn?


If I tell you that everything about digital marketing is extremely easy, so many people will agree with me. However, if I say that some skills are very technical and challenging, a lot of the newbies would be distracted. You don’t need to look for the easiest skill to learn. The major thing is for you to develop interest in it. Based on certain factors, I would recommend social media marketing as the easiest digital marketing skill to learn. But wait, do we really have skillful social media marketers around us? Yes we do have. However, they are different from the guys who spam all the Facebook groups, comments and friends timeline with unsolicited promotions.

Please don’t call yourself a professional social media marketer if you are one of the people who post spam messages or use pornography to distract people’s attention. Some of the professional social media marketers are also influencer marketers. Sorry, I won’t tell you what influencer marketing is all about in this article.

Email marketing is the next easiest digital marketing skill to learn. The reason is quite simple; it is not as complex as other branches of digital marketing. The major complexity in email marketing can be due to the platform design.

Do I need to build a website before learning digital marketing?

Absolutely NO. You can learn digital marketing without building your own website. However, you may want to consider building one for yourself later on.

What is the cost of digital marketing training?

This is one of the questions you won’t get a unified answer for. In fact, it is the major factor that can tell whether you’re about to invest in the right skills or just burn your money on garbage tutorials. I know what am talking about because I have experienced it in the past. Take it or leave it, no certified digital marketer will agree to train you for $50, sorry #15,000. I remember I once purchased a PPC training material for $385.  I also purchased a 122 pages eBook for $165. How about the premium training that costs $500+ each?

ojasweb-digital-marketing-training-in-nigeriaThe cost of a standard digital marketing training is moderately expensive. Don’t crush me for being honest, lol. I think I offer one of the cheapest digital marketing training in Nigeria. Yes, for just #80,000 you can learn some advanced marketing from me. If you’re one of the cheapskates, you can go back to Google and search for companies that offer digital marketing training for $25. Yes, you’ll find more than enough. But…..don’t contact me to share your horrible experience.

Where can I learn digital marketing in Nigeria?

If you want to learn from a full-time digital marketer with years of experience, my company is the number one place for you. Yes, our office is in Badagry and people do come from Ibadan, Ijebu-Ode, and other states to learn. You can also go to companies like NIIT, New Horizons, Wild fusion, Alabian solutions, CK digital, and other companies to make inquiry.

Can I learn digital marketing from a web designer/developer?

Partly yes because web development is part of the digital marketing skills. However, if your plan is to become a professional social media marketer, email marker, ppc consultant, and search engine marketer, make sure you go to a reputable company with track records.

You still have some questions? I won’t bill you for contacting me. Send your questions to info@ojasweb.com or contact me via +2348060380375 or +2348078440640.