Times are advancing and it would be bad if a business could not adapt with the technologies that is available these days. There are several technologies that can be used to enhance business networking; however, highlighted below are some of the commonly used tools.

Email list– Though not often promoted except in blogging circles where it is a necessity. Email list remains one of the greatest way to connect with clients, and what more- certain software even help to partition your email list into sections so you can send mail under different headings to your clients.

With email list, you can get to send promotional messages, newsletters and different updates to your clients, seamlessly building your brand by the reach you have made.

Email reminders– With millions of chores to be completed, it is unlikely that you would remember to send mail to every client in your contact list. So as not to miss any important email engagement, it is important to use a service that reminds you of mails not sent and to be sent.

There are different email reminding software out there to help you schedule your email, you will never miss any email again when you get hooked on.

Autoposter– Though now used for spamming purpose which has defeated it’s good intention, autoposter software help you share posts, updates and news feeds to a wide range of audience, without you re typing the write-up all over again.

Social Media– Enjoying a sweet moment now, social network is one big plus marketers and business persons are using to add value into their businesses.

The recent acquisition of LinkedIn by Microsoft Inc shows that social media is important for business survival. LinkedIn is a wonderful network to further your career and create great connections anytime.

Twitter can also be used to connect with other likeminded professionals by choosing suitable hashtags.

These are great tools to networking with people and in this age it’s expected you to take advantage of them.