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Selling goods online has become the next big thing on the internet among Nigerians today: it is profitable, it is fast, it is more convenient, it breaks a lot of barriers – and it has made many Nigerians rich.

So many e-commerce sites are springing up on daily basis in Nigeria and this shows the high potential and patronage e-commerce is enjoying in Nigeria today.

This article will show you 5 ways to sell goods online in Nigeria. With any of these ways, you can conveniently sell your goods online in Nigeria and make money.

These 5 ways are:

1. The E-commerce Sites

Setting up a store on any of Nigeria’s e-commerce sites is as easy as abc. It is free as well. When you set up your store on any of these sites, you upload pictures of your goods, fix  your price and get ready to make sales.

These Nigerian e-commerce sites include:

5 Ways To Sell Goods Online In Nigeria-1

  1. www.jumia.com
  2. www.konga.com
  3. www.kaymu.com
  4. www.dealdey.com
  5. www.olx.com
  6. www.jiji.com etc

2. Sell from your website/blog

Selling from your website/blog is another of the 5 ways to sell goods online in Nigeria. You can get your own website/blog for selling your goods there. Getting a professional hand to design an e-commerce site for you is the first step towards achieving this. Once your website is set up and ready, you upload your goods on it and then begin to promote it.

In order to sustain your business, you must be available to provide optimum support and customer service to your customers. You can even hire more hands as your site grows. Before long, online store will become popular in Nigeria.

3. Facebook/ Social Media

Social media has become another effective online market place where you sell your goods in Nigeria. So many start-up businesses as well as old ones, have made huge success by selling their goods online via social media. Facebook, the most popular of the social media sites in Nigeria, has helped so many Nigerians make successful sales and build good reputation online. This has been possible because Nigerians have become  more accepting of the internet and e-commerce by extension.

I recommend that you start with Facebook. So go to www.facebook.com and create an account if you have one. Add as many friends as possible and promote your goods through the following ways:

  • Your Facebook Timeline: post pictures of your goods, with an accompanying ad copy as well as your phone number on your timeline. Your many friends will see your post and interested ones will contact you.
  • Facebook Groups: join as many relevant groups as possible. Repeat the same thing you did on your timeline and more people will see your ad and contact you.
  • Facebook Page: open a Facebook page for your business and invite as many friends as possible to “like” your page. This way, whenever you post your ads on your page, they will all see it. And did I mention that this is all free of charge?

4. Online Advertising

5 Ways To Sell Goods Online In Nigeria-2

If you have the extra cash, you can invest in online advertising and reap faster and more bountiful results.

With online advertising platforms like www.facebook.com or www.google.com/adwords you can showcase your goods to Nigerians, online. For our ads on Google AdWords, I recommend that you go for the Google Display Network which is a branch of AdWords. It will expose your goods more effectively to Nigerians, online. Write a good ad copy for your goods, take a good photo of them, enter you contact info and let your ads run. Only be available to attend to the many buyers who will be interested in buying your goods.

5. Online Forums

Selling your goods on online forums is another of the 5 ways you can sell your goods online in Nigeria. Forums like www.nairaland.com have a huge traffic record. This site falls among the 10 most visited sites in Nigeria. This is according to alexa.com. Opening an account on this forum and posting your ads will get a lot of attention and buyers. If you have some extra cash as well, you can pay for these ads and have them displayed on Nairaland’s pages for all of its members and visitors to see.

These 5 ways are sure to get your goods selling online. Do not hesitate any longer. There’s a lot of gold to be mined there!

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