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Ojasweb Offers Professional PPC Management, Web Development, and Facebook Advertising Solutions

Are you looking for a professional and skillful website manager in Nigeria? Our team can help. We are dedicated to providing quality website management service at affordable rate. Our main focus at Ojasweb Digital Solution is to help business owners manage a fully functional website and improve the performance and productivity.

Undoubtedly, managing a website can be very demanding. Not only that it requires some technical skills, it also requires some administrative and online marketing skills that can consume the most precious hours of your day. Even if you have the right skills to manage a website, allocating the best of your time to this task could reduce your productivity at work and cause you to loose more money. This is one of the terrible things business owners never wanted to experience.

Reasons why you need a website manager

At Ojasweb Digital Solution, we take our time to explain a lot of things to our web development clients, however the majority of developers out there don’t do the same. We do this because it is important to let you know what having a website entails and how to best manage it for proper functioning and productivity. In this section i will highlight some of the major reasons why you need a website manager.

  1. To identify errors that could affect the website’s performance. Due to the continuous improvement in web technologies, websites can develop some issues due to outdated scripts or plugins. Without proper website management, some errors can totally disrupt the website and cause the business to lose clients to competitors without knowing.
  2. To update the content of the website. a website is like a home, if you don’t use it and update the content, it will become unattractive to visitors, and that will prevent them from visiting the website again. If people are not visiting a website, there’s no way the website can bring new customers or get sales. Having a website manager can help you update the contents of your website regularly and make it look more attractive to visitors.
  3. To moderate users’ activity. If your website allow membership registration or blog commenting, moderating the activity of the users would be very important. Without that, spammers can cause a lot of damage on the site with spam registration and a lot of duplicate, irrelevant comments.
  4. To respond to enquries. no doubt, most of the people who find your website and wish to do business with you will use the contact form to send their request to you. The major issue here is that most people miss business opportunity due to their inability to respond quickly. With the help of a website manager, you can be sure of responding to enquiries as fast as possible.
  5. To prevent unauthorized access. One of the ways hackers identify vulnerable websites is the management status. Trust me, if a website has not been managed for 30 days, it is almost 100% sure that such website will be using the same password for a long time. With this information, it will be much easier for skillful hackers to break the security of the site.

What is the cost of hiring a website manager?

There’s no fixed cost for hiring a website manager. The cost usually depends on the website, nature of work and how long you’d want the manager to work. For a very busy website that requires a lot of work, you can expect a slightly higher cost than a website with only few management work each day. To request for the management cost of your website, kindly submit your request here.

Let’s get started

Now that you’ve seen the reasons why you need to hire a website manager, no need to wait long. let’s give you the best service that will improve your website’s performance and drive more customers.

Address: Office 11,12,13, Awedis Shopping Mall Badagry Lagos