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Our web development program meets the W3 standards, which enables our clients to build clean, optimized, and responsive website for their business and personal use.  We also make sure that each website designed by ojasweb have the two major things every website needs in order to succeed online; responsive design, and search engine optimized.

We specialize in both static and dynamic websites. Most of our dynamic websites use CMS, particularly WordPress, which enables our clients to manage their websites easily even without any coding skills. We also build ecommerce websites for people who are interested in putting their products online for sale.

Another great design is sales page. We have built quite a number of sales pages for people in different parts of the world. Sales page helps people market their products and provide detail information about the product. It is suitable for anyone, especially those who don’t have time to update website all the time.

Lastly, we also design landing pages, which allow website owner to turn first time visitors into subscribers, and eventually, paying clients.

In summary, our web development includes:

  • Blog setup
  • Portfolio website development
  • Mini ecommerce development
  • Static HTML websites
  • WordPress
  • Blogger

and a couple of languages, which include HTML, Javascript, PHP, CSS, AJAX, JAVA, etc.

our web design training will enable students to code websites from scratch without using templates. Students will learn the basics of web design, html, php, javascript, css, WordPress, and blogger.

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