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The internet feels like a bottomless pool of useful information and users. Myriad social networking platforms are used by billions and more are being created every day. There are e-commerce sites executing tens of millions of transactions every day. Different trends emerge and can be tracked in ways that make the business possibilities seem endless. All of these things make harnessing this information an indispensable tool for marketing businesses.

How to target effectively

When launching your product, figuring out where to target your marketing is one of the most important factors in future success. Coupon Machine’s infographics will provide you with important information such as:

  • 4 million product are purchased on Amazon from mobile devices every day
  • Alibaba generates $13 million in mobile ad revenues on a daily basis
  • Users make 181 million mobile Paypal payments per day
  • Starbucks receives 197,260 Mobile Order and Pay transactions per day from mobile users
  • 2 billion Google searches are made from mobile devices every day, and Google Ads revenue from mobile devices exceeds $67 million per day
  • Over 350,000 apps have been built in the past 36 months These numbers can help businesses make a more educated decision on how to make a product available to consumers and where to market a product, increasing the probability for success and profit.

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Optimizing marketing impact

Since the landscape of social media and mobile device usage seems so massive and sprawling, it can be difficult for businesses to determine where to focus marketing to create optimal results. Coupon Machine’s infographics can help guide businesses with data such as:

  • Over 30 billion WhatsApp messages are sent every day, and WhatsApp users send over 700 million photos per day
  • 415 million tweets are sent every day by users on Twitter’s mobile app
  • 700 million users access Facebook on mobile devices and 3 billion Facebook videos are watched on mobile devices every day
  • 760 million Snapchat pictures are sent every day
  • 1 million pins are sent from mobile user to mobile user and 11 million articles are pinned on mobile devices per day
  • 26 million matches are made on Tinder every day and uses swipe over 1 billion times per day
  • 82 million apps are downloaded from Apple’s App Store per day and 2,298 new apps and games are submitted to the Apple App Store per day
  • 59 billion e-mails are opened per day on mobile devices and 18 billion SMS messages are sent • Mobile users take 93 million selfies per day
  • Mobile gaming revenue has reached $83 million per day Information like this is a huge help for businesses looking to develop a plan for targeting their marketing efforts towards the proper channels.

coupon machine data

It goes without saying that information like this is invaluable to businesses looking to create a footprint in the online space. Data provided by Coupon Machine’s real-time mobile data statistics can be essential for any company’s online marketing plan and help generate increases in terms of sales and profits.

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