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Step-by-step instruction on How To Use Google Keyword Planner Effectively.

Google keyword planner is one of the best keyword research tools available on the internet today. For the majority of online marketers like myself, keyword planner is simple to use, and good for capturing Google’s historical search data for local and international market.

Unlike other keyword research tools available today, Google keyword planner is completely free and anyone can use it with no single limitation. Being a free tool from the leading search provider, everyone enjoys using keyword planner for different purposes.

Here at Ojasweb, we use keyword planner for planning ad groups for AdWords campaigns and for researching keywords for blog posts. In this post, i’ll guide you on how to use the Google keyword planner effectively, even if you’ve never used it before. Just a quick note, it is possible to see search data with estimated volume instead of the real average. If that happens, it is because your account is not linked to any active AdWords account. Other than that, you should see other relevant search data for your keywords.

Login to Google keyword planner

Google keyword planner is part of the AdWords program, however you can use it even if you don’t have AdWords account. The only requirement you need in order to have access to the tool is an active gmail account. In fact, gmail login is the only thing you need to have access to all of the Google tools. To begin, go to the keyword planner page and login with your gmail account. Once you’ve been able to login to the tool, the page should look like the screenshot below if you’re on a desktop computer.

Google Keyword Planner

From the keyword planner welcome page, you’ll see few options that you can select for your research. I’ll will work you through each of the options and show you how to use it effectively. At the right side of the page are some links to Google resources if you’d like to learn more about the tool. However, this guide should be good enough for you to do your research.

Search for New Keywords using a Phrase, Website or Category

This is the first and mostly used option in keyword planner. It helps users get new keywords idea using a phrase, website or category. This option allows you to input some information before hitting the “get idea” button. For the benefit of the beginners, i will highlight the available options and the function of each. See image below.

Search New Keywords using Phrase Website Category

The first input box allows you to enter your keywords. Note! keywords are the words you’d use to search for a particular service or products online. For instance, if you’re looking for “researchers”, you could search for “online researcher or researchers”. in this scenario, “online researcher and researchers” are the keywords. Make sure you input one keyword per line.

The space for landing page is not important. However if you have a website or a particular page you’d like to get keywords idea for, you can paste the link in the box. You can as well ignore the product category space.

google keyword planner

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