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You can possibly list more than 10 diagnostic centers in Badagry, however medical diagnosis is not all about pregnancy test that are done by the majority of laboratories around. There’s more to diagnosis than what your nearby auxiliary nurse can offer. It is important to undergo medical checkup regularly so as to know your health status, when you need to take time off work and when you need to take treatment. If you lives around Badagry, and needed a reputable diagnostic center to undergo medical checkup, these 3 centers are highly recommended for you. Although I have visited these centers several times, nevertheless, you still need to find out more information about their services just to be very sure that they can meet your requirements.

I have excluded the General hospital, Badagry from the list due to the stress most people undergo before they are being attended to. However, if you prefer a government owned diagnostic center, Badagry General Hospital is definitely the right place for you. The diagnostic centers listed below are owned and operated by private individuals.

Unique diagnostic center

Unique medical diagnostic center is undoubtedly the most popular diagnostic center in Badagry. They are the only private owned diagnostic center in Badagry that offers blood banking services. The laboratory is located inside Badagry town, opposite the town hall. They are accredited by the Lagos state health facility monitoring agency (HEFAMAA).

Unique diagnostic center operates 24/7 including Saturdays and Sundays. They run various chemistry, microbiology, and routine tests. They also have radiography and sonography department. One of the reasons why Unique Diagnostic center is the best is because they operate 24/7. I have visited the center on many occasions at night for emergency purposes and they responded properly.

3rd Eye Diagnostic Center

3rd Eye diagnostic center is one of the youngest diagnostic centers in Badagry. The center is established in 2016. They are fully approved by the Lagos state health facility monitoring agency (HEFAMAA). They services include radiography, ultrasound scan, and general laboratory tests. They are situated in Imeke, Badagry. 3rd Eye also has ambulance for emergency purposes.

One important thing you need to know is that the laboratory does not operate at night and on Sunday. The environment is very neat and they also have parking spaces. If you need a reputable diagnostic center to run routine tests for your employees or students, make sure you contact 3rd Eye for the best deal. Their website is www.livingtowemedicalservices.com

Ola Oki medical center

The last diagnostic center is a part of one of the best private hospitals in Badagry. Ola Oki medical center has been delivering qualitative healthcare to the people of Badagry for the past 20 years. They are located in Ibereko, Badagry. They also operate a diagnostic lab. If your plan is to visit a diagnostic center that can advise and treat you, do consider Ola Oki medical center. They have two big branches in Ibereko, Badagry. The center is also accredited by the Lagos state health facility monitoring agency (HEFAMAA).

Ola Oki medical center also operates 24/7 including Saturdays and Sundays. Their other services include medical consultation, medical treatment, ambulance, antenatal care, and cancelling.

These are the top 3 diagnostic centers in Badagry. I have visited the centers several times, and they are worth the recommendation. However, if you are not very sure whether they can provide what you want, make sure you contact them or visit the centers during the week.

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