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Your android device may be the next target for some of the newly created viruses. No doubt, as computer security companies continue to improve on their services, so do terrible programmers emerge and create deadly viruses to break security barriers and destroy computers.

Android as one of the leading mobile phone operating systems has created many opportunities for app developers. Despite all the efforts to make android secure, many notorious programmers still find their way to create viruses that can attack and damage android devices. If your android devices have been attacked by viruses, these tips might help you secure your devices without the fear of future attack.

Only give full permissions to trusted apps

If you keep the default android settings on your devices, chances of being attacked would be low. However, once you start giving permissions to apps that are not from the Google Play, your device’s security might be compromised. If the source of an app is not trustworthy, do not give it full permissions to control your device.

Avoid saving all of your passwords

Android browsers usually prompt users to save their passwords for quick access the next time. While saving your password is a good thing, it could break your security without you knowing. If you’re in the habit of saving your passwords, try to keep the passwords to sensitive places unsaved.

Read apps review

Reviews are a great way to see what other people are saying about any app. Even if the app is not from the Play Store, you can still find users’ reviews on search engine. Try to read the negative reviews and see what other people are complaining about.

Use a reliable security app

There are many security apps out there that can easily compromise your device’s security. If you are not happy with the in-built security, try to look for a reliable security app and read the reviews before installing it.

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