You’re here because you’re looking for a skillful web designer in Lagos, Nigeria. If that’s true, Ojasweb will help you fulfill your website design need. You don’t just need a web designer, but a skillful designer who can add more values to your website and business. If you have already made up your mind to award your project to another company, here are some of the things you need to know. Of course, having these added to your website will boost your business performance, and help you achieve more with little efforts.

1. Responsive Design – The majority of people using the internet in Nigeria operate from their mobile devices. If you’re planning to expand your business and reach more people, you need to build a responsive website that displays properly on all devices. You don’t need to zoom out a responsive website before you can read the contents. It should display properly on smartphones, tablets, laptop and desktop computers.

2. SEO – If you discover our website through search engine, it means we have done extra work to make our website appear on search engine. This is one of the things many web designers cannot provide. Yes, we mean it. Most designers don’t know the basics of SEO and how it works. If a designer cannot help you build a search engine friendly website, make sure you look for someone else. Fortunately, we can help you build a professional with strong SEO.

3. Maintenance – you need to know if you’ll be able to maintain the website without looking for help. This is one of the things we settle during our consultation. If your website is just to display some startic products and service, you may not need to hire people to maintain it. However, if your website is a bit complex, you may need to pay for maintenance on a regular basis. Make sure you find out before you continue.

4. Social media presence – building a strong social media presence is important for business success. If your website is not visible on social media, you need to do extra work to make sure that people find your business on social media. We offer some great packages that include social media profile setup and promotion.

5. Security – you need to keep your personal information very secure. If you are looking for a website designer in Lagos, make sure you hire a reputable designer who will not interfere with your security. Find out about the designer to know if the company is registered or not. Make sure you ask some questions about your website security and how to recover if anything happens.

There are other important things you need to know before awarding your web design project to anyone. If you need help building or reviving your website, kindly contact us via 2348060380375 or