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Setting up a Google AdWords campaign in Nigeria or even anywhere in the world takes an easy process but there comes those moments when you wonder if you are actually doing it right or not. Because AdWords runs on a PPC (Pay per Click) basis, you can setup you AdWords campaign in such a way that only those who need your product or service, click on your ad. On the other hand, I must warn too, that it is very easy to lose your investment in AdWords and gain nothing from it due to your poorly setup campaign.

Many internet marketers in Nigeria are yet to understand and actually setup a Google AdWords campaign to promote their business and this has kept them from growing. In this article, the step to step process of how to setup a Google AdWords campaign in Nigeria is exposed. Do you want to learn how it is done? Read on!

To setup your Google AdWords campaign, go to https://adwords.google.com. On the page that will open, you will find the “Get started now” button. Click on it and on the next page that opens, enter your details and login. If you have not earlier signed up for Google AdWords, you can sign up for a Google account on this page. This simply implies that you should open a Gmail account if you have none.

Once you are through with the login, find the button that reads, “Create your first campaign.” Click on it and take the following steps:

  1. Select your campaign type

Google AdWords is made up of 2 advertising networks: the Search Network and the Display Network. For now, I would advise that you choose the Search Network. Give your campaign a name and then uncheck the option that says, “Include search partners” for now.

  1. Select your target location

At this point, you have to choose your target locations. There must be certain locations in Nigeria that will mostly need your products or services and it is up to you to identify these places. Google allows you to choose any such locations for your campaign. You may be wondering how this factors in your AdWords campaign success but when you do it this way, it is only people searching the internet from your selected locations via Google that will see your ads. This way you maximize your advertising budget and make huge returns. Note that you can even set your target areas to cover even locations outside of Nigeria. Click on the, “Let me choose” option and then select your choice areas.

  1. Setup your advertising budget

In order to control the way your money is spent for your ads, Google allows you to setup a daily budget. When you setup this daily budget, you have set the maximum amount you are willing to pay per day on your ads and Google will never exceed it in charging you.

Just do this according to the weight of your pocket. You can start even as little as $10 per day and increase it when you start seeing returns.

  1. Write your ad copy

This is where you apply your sense of strategy and justify your investment on Google AdWords. Google allows only 25 characters for your headline, 35 text characters each for the second and third lines. Try to be as precise as possible and straight to the point. It is recommended that you include your keywords in your headline, a benefit in your second line and on the third line, you include a feature or offer.

The last line is where you enter your destination URL, which in other words, should be your landing page designated and specially designed to promote your product and service.

  1. Enter the keywords for your ad campaign

There is a field where you should enter the keywords for your Google AdWords campaign. Before now, it is expected that you have done your research for the working keywords for your product or services niche. As a starter, you might be tempted to use all the keywords at your disposal but note that it is advisable to begin with a number of only the important ones.

  1. Set your maximum default bid

Your default bid which is also known as your “Cost per Click,” (CPC) is the maximum amount you are willing to pay per click on your ad. Each keyword represents a different market and thus, has its attendant price. It is better to start with low cost keywords if your budget is low. This way, you can ensure that your ad will be on display for 24 hours instead of just a few hours. By extension, if you use the high cost keywords on a low budget, your daily limit will be exhausted quickly having been seen by just a few people.

  1. Review the entire setup

When you are done choosing what you want for your ad campaign, it is necessary to go through your choices to ensure that you have done it right. Starting from your keyword choice, your daily budget, your CPC, your ad copies and everything else to ensure a successful launch.

  1. Enter your payment info

Enter your payment to seal the deal with Google. As a Nigerian, PayPal will not be an available option for you. However, with your naira debit card which you can get from any bank in Nigeria, you can successfully pay for your Google AdWords campaign. Enter your debit card information in the required field and confirm your payment information.

Now your setup is complete and you are all set to launch. Goodluck!

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