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I’ll like to use this opportunity to highlight some of the profitable digital marketing courses in Nigeria, so that you can help yourself learn the right skills instead of wandering online. The popularity of digital marketing in Nigeria is quite low when compared to that of the advanced countries such as the US, UK and Canada. However, it is gaining ground each day, and several businesses are taking advantages of the increasing popularity. As many people struggle to build online presence for their business, smart marketers are also building their territory by acquiring the most relevant marketing skills.

The internet is the repository of information where a lot of people visit to find information just about anything. If you are a digital marketer in Nigeria, you need to understand how people use the internet to look for information. When you know this, you will be able to spread the word about your products and services to your prospects in a more effective manner. If you are not making good use of the increasing trend of digital marketing in Nigeria today, you will be missing out on huge marketing opportunities that exist around you. For you to be able to maximize the opportunities of digital marketing, you need to understand the different classes of Digital Marketing.
Highlighted below are a few of the various classes of digital marketing that you can learn today:

1. Social Media Marketing

Social media is one of the most important online marketing tools available today. Gone are the days when social media are only meant for chatting, uploading pictures and flirting. Nowadays, smart marketers, business owners and organizations are using it to connect with their clients and increase increase their customers’ base. With social media marketing, every organization can have a more direct relationship with the customers by focusing on the organization’s brand and values which will, in turn strengthen their business character and reputation. With social media marketing, you have the opportunity to inform your fans about your products and accomplishment by creating a platform for discussion and questions, and also an avenue to turn around negative feedback.

2. Email Marketing

Although email marketing has been around for a while, it is still as effective as it was in the past. The use of email newsletters has proved very effective in our society, it gives a platform where you can market all your products and services that will excite people to do business with you. It also helps you to let customers know of the special deals and sale you have to offer which they can key into during particular a period of time. When people subscribe to your email newsletter, you can use the information they provide to reach them on other platforms you can also use the information to know more about them in terms of likes and dislikes, to know which information to send their way. You can also make use of networking sites like LinkedIn for customers who need your products and services to connect with you. The email newsletter will also help your website grow as you ensure you share the links with email newsletter you send.

Acquiring the relevant skills in email marketing is very essential, as it will help you in running a profitable online business and increase your sales and customers’ engagement. This skill is relevant in all online marketing, and it can be a good backup for your academic qualification.

3. Search Engine Optimization

I started my online marketing carrier practicing different aspects of search engine optimization. To be honest, it has been the greatest endeavor during my struggle as a marketer. It is the most popular digital marketing course, and it requires extensive efforts and investment in order to master the strategy. SEO, as most people including myself prefer to call it, is the backbone of digital marketing. It is the number one thing that can help your business grow if you don’t have the financial backup to promote it. With good SEO, you can boost your online business without spending money on advertisement. However, you need to be very skillful and hardworking in order to achieve the best result. Acquiring the relevant SEO skills will help you get many things done online. If you’re considering a carrier in digital marketing, make sure you take search engine optimization very serious.

4. Pay Per Click Advertising

If you have successfully created online profile for your business, and then you realize that you are not getting enough traffic from the search engine (i.e you do not have organic traffic), then you might consider running ads directly on Google or any other PPC advertising platform. Pay per click advertising, which is also known as PPC advertising is another powerful digital marketing skills that you can acquire. Like every other digital marketing skills, PPC advertising requires extensive practice and research in order to become a vibrant advertiser. Personally, i would say it is the most advanced digital marketing skills available today. One of the issues with PPC advertising is that you cannot practice it for free. You’ve got to burn your advertising credit to run adverts. However, there are many opportunities for you if you can learn this skill to the professional level.

Those are the major digital marketing courses i would recommend for anyone who’s planning to build their online marketing career. A year after i published this post, i write another post about the top 5 digital marketing courses for Nigerians. It is worth reading.

For training, kindly check our digital marketing training page.

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