Are you looking for a place to undergo Illustrator training in Lagos? If yes, you need to do your research properly before paying for training. Adobe illustrator is one of the advanced graphics design tools available today. If you’re plan is to be a professional logo and cartoon designer, then illustrator is a nice tool to learn to use. However, if your plan is to become a professional photo editor, make sure you go for Photoshop training.

Don’t be confused, the two graphics design tool are not exactly the same. While photoshop is 100 percent good for photo editing, illustrator is amazing for creating cartoons and logos. Of course, you can create a logo with photoshop as well, but for quick and professional logo design, illustrator is the best.

Before you enroll in illustrator training in Lagos, you might want to know a couple of things about the app. Of course, it is a graphics design tool just like CorelDraw. Some of the great things about Illustrator are:

  • Comprehensive user interface – If you have been using some graphics design tool before, then you won’t have any issue with illustrator interface.
  • Great for designing a logo – designing logos with illustrator is super easy. You can design a professional logo in less than 10 minutes if you know how to use the available resources in the app.
  • Creating mascot and cartoon – you can design a mascot with illustrator in a couple of minutes. Using the paint and brush tool, you can design beautiful cartoon easily without wasting your precious time.
  • Infographic – one of the amazing features in illustrator is the ability to design awesome infographic. If you haven’t discovered this feature, then you need to learn it. Adobe Illustrator is compatible with some excel files, making it possible for you to import data directly into your illustrator document.

There are other great features in adobe illustrator you’ll absolutely love. If you want to learn to design professional vector graphics, make sure you enroll for the training.

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