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It is no more news that every good business man must have an online presence in order to be seen more and consequently, make more sales.

This applies to traders or online seller who want to make more sales. Selling your goods online helps break the barrier of distance or inconvenience and therefore, brings more buyers.

In Nigeria, where the online market keeps growing by the day, displaying your goods online is a smart decision. There are millions of Nigerian buyers who troop the sites daily to buy goods. Wouldn’t it be nice if your goods are one of them?

As a matter of fact, there are online sellers in Nigeria who record over 50 orders a day, on just one of the many goods they have, displayed online.

This article will expose the secrets of selling your goods online on Nigeria. There are many opportunities and avenues available in Nigeria where it is achievable. We will see them one after the other:

  1. Advertise on blogs and websites: to sell your goods online, you must have a platform (blog or website) where you display and advertise your wares to the public. If you are a newbie with low start-up capital, you can begin by advertising on other people’s blogs or websites. Your Facebook account can equally serve this purpose. Get good pictures of your goods and with a well-written ad copy, post on your Facebook wall and make it accessible to the public. Join as many Facebook groups as possible especially ones that are relevant to the nature of your goods and a dominant Nigerian membership. Post your ads on these groups. Provide your contact information there and get ready to make sales.

You can also post on forums like www.nairaland.com or comment on blogs all the while, providing your contact details or your website URL if you have one. If you have some extra cash, you can advertise on websites like:

You will be sure to get good results from all these sites.


  1. Get a website for selling your goods: you can also get a website designed specifically for promoting and selling your goods. If you can’t design one yourself, you can hire an expert web designer to set up a user friendly website for you. Selling from your website, is done properly, helps you monitor your progress more effectively. It also creates an impression of efficiency and quality in your customers. All you have to do is to ensure that you get a constant stream of relevant traffic to your website properly updated with your available stock of goods and ensure good customer service to your customers.
  2. Open a store on any of Nigeria’s e-commerce websites: another big way you can successfully sell your goods online is to open an account and set up your store on any of the many Nigerian e-commerce sites. Many online sellers in Nigeria today have no other avenue of selling their goods online, than on the popular e-commerce sites in Nigeria. These sites enjoy good publicity and consequently, good supply of traffic.

Therefore, when you choose to sell your goods on these site , you will be sure that your goods will get the attention they deserve.

These sites include:

All you need do is head to any of these sites, and get our account opened. Upload nice, eye-catching pictures of your goods and fix a competitive price for them. By “competitive price,” I mean you should make your research on the price set by other sellers with similar goods as yours and then fix yours at a lower rate than theirs. It is necessary you do this because as a newbie seller on that site, you should understand that the sellers who were there before you have already built a relationship with their customers and have already received good sales records. So you must do something that will set you apart and catch the eye of customers. Your competitive price is a good way to start.

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There you go! You have the basics of how to sell your goods online in Nigeria. You can choose any of the above listed methods or even all of them and you will be sure to smile to bank!