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I have 3 approaches on how to pay for Google AdWords in Nigeria. As a Google partner who manages ads for people it is my great responsibility to be able to help with this challenge of paying for Google ads so as to help them run ads on Google’s platforms without having issue.

Paying for goods and services online seems to be the easiest thing in many parts of the world. However, in a developing country like Nigeria, almost all the citizens are having issues when it comes to online shopping. Why? The answer is pretty simple – no reliable, secure and effective means of payment. This is really a big set back for internet marketers in Nigeria. When i made my first move to advertise one of my offers on search engine, the principal challenge was how to pay for Google AdWords in Nigeria.

It is no more news that making payments and receiving same online always constitutes a road-block for Nigerians. This is because PayPal, one of the leading online payment platforms, has Nigeria as one of its blacklisted countries for a very long time, and this has greatly affected not just Nigerian internet marketers, but all Nigerians who may have one reason or the other to send and receive funds online.

At first, Nigerians were completely barred from having a PayPal account which meant that they could neither send nor receive funds via PayPal. But at a point, sometime in 2014, PayPal let loose a little and allowed Nigerians to only send funds via PayPal. These accounts can only be used for sending funds but not for receiving – and it is a great draw-back for enthusiastic and industrious Nigerians who want to work and earn money, online. This was probably because PayPal is the major online payment and fund transfer platform used by many online sites and merchants.

But the availability of debit cards today, has greatly improved the situation for internet marketers and for many Nigerians who want to make payments online. Google AdWords particularly allows the use of debit cards for Nigerians. The option to pay via PayPal on AdWords is not available to Nigerians and we have established why it is so. Google AdWords coupons, can also be used to make payments for your adverts on Google but it can only serve for one account, and also, not eligible in Nigeria’s AdWords account.

Get A Barter

I personally find this approach very easy and reliable because you won’t need to worry about getting a Master Card in order to be able to fund your account. Once you find a reliable barter to add money to your AdWords account, you only need to pay directly to the barter’s account in Nigerian currency.

If this option sounds good to you, then contact Ojasweb for help. We can help you fund your AdWords account without issue.

Using UBA AfriCard or other eligible Master Card

pay for google adwords in nigeria

Another solution or rather what I term a universal solution is the UBA AfriCard. It is a MasterCard owned by UBA. You can actually apply for it from UBA and get it even if you have no account with the bank.

If you have no account with UBA, you must link your AfriCard with your BVN to enable you make online transaction. You can follow this link to get it done: https://uapps.ubagroup.com/prepaidbvn.

On the site, you must:

  1. Enter your client ID which is found on the lower right side of the back of your AfriCArd.
  2. Click on the “Verify” tab for your ID verification.
  3. Enter your BVN and be sure it is entered correctly.
  4. Click on “Submit.” Your card will then be linked with your BVN. Once this is done, you’re ready to proceed to your Google AdWords account to make your payment. With this card also, you can make payments online without any hitches.

Using Payoneer Master Card

payoneer master card

Payoneer is undoubtedly the best payment processor for Nigerians who work on the internet. I personally use it for different purposes, including shopping, paying for adverts, and getting paid for services rendered. Payoneer card is a dollar Master Card, which can also be used for online purchasing. If you have one, you can use it to pay for your Google AdWords campaign here in Nigeria.

So, do you have an AdWords campaign to run on Google? Get your Naira Visa card, MasterCard or UBA AfriCard ready and take the following steps to make your payment:

  1. Login to your Google AdWords account and click on the “Billing” button. A new page will open displaying information on how to pay manually.
  2. Change the “how you pay” settings to “Manual Payments” and then proceed by clicking on the “make a payment button”
  3. Choose “credit card” as your desired payment method and enter your card details. Your debit card details can be used here if you don’t have a credit card. You will also be required to enter your billing address. Note that your billing address must be the same one you used in applying for your debit card at your bank.
  4. Enter the amount you have budgeted for your AdWord campaign and then click on the “review payment” button. All information you have entered will be displayed for you to review them and maybe make corrections.
  5. Once you are done reviewing your entries, click on the “Make Payment” button to finalize your payment. Google will send you a confirmation of your payment and the money will show in your Google AdWords account balance.
  6. With this done, you can now create adverts on your Google AdWords account very easily. Because Google AdWords charges you on a “Pay per Click” basis, the money will only be deducted whenever your ad is clicked on.

Your Google AdWords account is now ready to launch ads! So waste no time and let your investment start paying off!

In case you’re looking to hire a professional Google AdWords manager, feel free to contact us for free consultation and campaign management at affordable rate.

Address: Office 11,12,13, Awedis Shopping Mall Badagry Lagos

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