No doubt, LinkedIn is the most professional social media site in the world with over 400 million registered users. Nigerian graduates are not too familiar with this great site where most of their counterparts across the world are securing their desired jobs. Nowadays, most of the reputable companies are looking for resourceful candidates who will not only fill the empty spaces in the company but able to impact meaningfully through social media sites such as LinkedIn.

Why LinkedIn?

Obviously, there are many social media sites on the internet, and most of them have more registered and active users than LinkedIn. Why is LinkedIn the ideal social media site for Nigerian graduates to get jobs? This is one of the questions about LinkedIn that many people could not answer easily.  If you can spare few minutes on this page, chances that you’ll secure your dreamed job in the next couple of months is very high.

As said in the previous paragraphs, LinkedIn is the most professional social media site in the world. Practically, everything about LinkedIn is exceptional and different from other social media sites. There are many features that differentiate the site from the popular social media sites like Facebook, Google Plus, Instagram, and Twitter. In the next few paragraphs, you’ll understand some of these features, and how they can help you land your dreamed job.

LinkedIn account registration

There’s no reason why Nigerian graduates would avoid LinkedIn because of the registration process. As far as I know, the registration process is pretty simple just like other social media sites. There are no intricacies in the registration process, and anyone can register without issues. If the registration is simple, why are Nigerian graduates not joining the platform? Do they need to pay before they can access the features? No doubt, there are premium packages for LinkedIn users as well as free membership package. If you’re not financially strong to upgrade your account into premium, you can stick with the free version and exploit plethora of benefits. This article is not going to teach you how to register a LinkedIn account whatsoever.

If you can complete your Facebook registration without looking for third party assistance, you should be able to register with LinkedIn without issues. The process is simple!

Why Nigerians prefer Facebook?

As a typical Nigerian and someone who understand the activities of people from developed countries on social media, I can easily tell that one of the major reasons why Nigerians prefer Facebook is because the platform allows them to chat with friends and do all sort of things for free and without limitations. However on LinkedIn, you can’t chat freely with friends. It is a professional social media with strong security. Unlike Facebook where you can chat easily or even make calls, you can only message people in your network without limitations or warnings. If you want to contact people outside your connection in LinkedIn, you must use your limited inmessage. You’ll learn about inmessage in subsequent articles.

Another reason why most Nigerians prefer Facebook is the simplicity of profile update. In fact, this could be the number one reason why most people stay away from LinkedIn. Professional looking LinkedIn profile can take you a couple of hours to update. There are many elements you need to include so that your profile can look attractive and appealing to hiring companies. Why do I need to spend hours updating my profile on social media when Facebook will only take me 15 minutes? Fuck off LinkedIn! That’s the attitude of many Nigerians. Sadly, they don’t know the benefits of spending few hours updating their LinkedIn profile.

Lastly, but not the least, most people avoid using LinkedIn because they don’t believe that they can secure their dreamed jobs online. This is true in developing countries like Nigeria where majority of people believe that those who work online are scammers. In fact, most Nigerian graduates don’t believe that you can make money just by working online. We are used to what the system thought us – go to school, graduate and start looking for job from one company to another. How long are we going to stick to those obsolete rules? We need to change the way we view things and start using internet to improve ourselves. Most of the Nigerian graduates are using Smartphone to chat and do video calls. They ignore the major things they can do with their Smartphone to improve their employability or secure the best jobs.

If you’re still thinking that everyone who works online is a scammer (Yahoo Yahoo boys), you need to think twice and ask yourself some questions like; how are they making money online? What can I do online to start making money like them? If it requires learning the basics, don’t waste your time, find people like myself to teach you how to use internet for your own benefits.

As regards LinkedIn, you can secure your dreamed job just by making your profile attractive to employers and engaging your connections with valuable contributions. There are many companies in Nigeria that are looking for graduates that have acquired more than what they learnt in schools. Of course, they want someone who can represent the company on social media and build strong relationship with major companies across the world. Where are these companies? More than 90 percent of the big companies are hiring through LinkedIn. If you’re smart enough to create a professional looking profile and interact with the right people, you can secure the best job without having to line in sun for hectic interview.

Are you finding it difficult to create a professional looking profile on LinkedIn? Or probably you don’t know the major things that companies are looking to seeing in your profile. If those are the reasons why you don’t have a LinkedIn account, you can contact us to create on for you and connect you with top companies in your industry. Opportunity is not far from you like before, you have it in your Smartphone. Take the right step and let’s enhance your chance of getting your dreamed job.

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