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You’re reading this article because you are looking for graphics design in Badagry, or probably because you are planning to enroll for the training. Whichever is the case, this short article will give you some ideas about graphics design in Badagry, the training centers and what they are up to. Of course, you’ll also have ideas of what graphics design is all about.

Graphics design is one of the best skills anyone can learn. The demand for graphic design is very high, and every creative designer can make a living without depending on a salary job. If you’re planning to enroll for a graphics design in Badagry, there are few things you need to know before going to any graphics design center. There are many computer training centers in Badagry that claim to train people for web design and graphics; however, after conducting some investigations, we found that more than 70 percent of the centers don’t train students the right thing. In fact, most of them don’t specialize in graphics or web design, but Microsoft office word and PowerPoint.

The fact that most of the training centers don’t concentrate on graphics design doesn’t mean that there are no centers that train people the right things. There are few places that are very professional. The next couple of paragraphs will help you if you don’t know what you should be expecting in a typical graphic design training center.

Things you need to consider

1. The training period: Most of the training centers combine multiple courses together within short time. You might think that this method will help you learn more things, however, the truth is that you can’t learn so many things during the period of the training. Most of the training is just six weeks. So if someone promises you graphics design and desktop publishing in that short period of time, you might end up wasting your time without getting the best. So before you enroll for the training program, make sure you know the duration and how they want to cover the courses.

2. The application used: No doubt, nearly all the graphic design centers in Badagry use CorelDraw to train their students. If you’ve been seeing some great designs and wanted to design something similar, you might need to find out which application is best for you to achieve it. Coreldraw is good, however there are certain things you cannot achieve with it. If you’re planning to use your graphics design skills in photo editing, make sure that you learn to design using Adobe Photoshop. For those of you that plan to create cartoons and some other vector objects, make sure you learn how to design with Adobe Illustrator and InDesign.

3. The cost: How much do they bill you for the combination of seven programs? #25,000, right? The truth is that you cannot learn and master Coreldraw, Microsoft office word, PowerPoint, Excel, Access, Pagemaker, and Photoshop with that ridiculously low cost. In fact, Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator alone would cost more than that. So if you really want to learn graphics design, make sure you go to a place where you’ll be able to work with different tools.

4. The exposure: One of the most important things you need to consider before you enroll for any training program is the exposure of the instructor. How often does the person get design jobs? are they limited to business card and certificate design? Yes, most of the graphic design centers in Badagry are known for training students how to design certificate and business cards. If your boss don’t know what the requirements are, you definitely won’t know what you’re expected to know. It is true that you’ll not learn everything, however, your boss must be able to introduce you to advanced designs that you may come across later.

5. Practice: the last thing you need to know about graphics design is that you need to practice regularly and lay your hands on different designs. Don’t relent on what you learnt from your instructor. Pick up ideas and work on them on your own. If it becomes too difficult for you to handle some designs, contact your instructor to put you through. Your instructor might not be able to teach you more than he/she has in the outline. However, if you take time to practice new things, you’ll be able to learn more.

Now you might be thinking of where to go for your graphics design training. If you lives around badagry, and would like to learn how to design graphics using Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator, come to Ojasweb Digital Solution in Aradagun, or contact us.

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