The fiverr training series continues, and in this episode, i will write about one of the most important topics that will definitely help you to stay ahead of the intense competition without having to worry about how to get sales. And of course, this article will possibly eliminate the worries of gig promotion. As you might know, i’m very active on Fiverr and i won’t write around anything that is not purely practical. The methods discussed in this article will be 100 percent applicable to every niche on Fiverr and other freelance websites. Undoubtedly, it will help you to understand how to do manual online research to some extent.

So, without beating around the bush let’s highlight the major requirements and the nitty gritty of the techniques. I guess everyone reading this article is prepared to do things in different ways which will enhance their online marketing skills.

Things to keep in mind

If anyone tells you that there are some surefire techniques that will help you to make millions on Fiverr in 30 days without doing anything, the person is not being sincere, and he’s probably leading you in a wrong direction. You’ve got to work! There’s no special shortcut anywhere, and it is not a guarantee that you’ll start making money immediately you create your gig.

There’s possibility that you’ll wait for few days before getting your first sale, so don’t get discouraged if things are not working for you immediately. That being said, let’s start with the subject for today – how to do proper gig research.

What we need for the research?

My technique is purely manual, and we’ll be using both Fiverr and Google tools to get insight into the market. I guess you have been using Google to conduct various searches before now. So, let’s see how how we can use our search skills to identify gigs that sell. Remember, you’ll be doing research based on your interest. If you didn’t read the previous training that addresses how to identify your interest, i would suggest for you to read it and understand the concept.

Doing gig research on Fiverr

In order for you to get the best results, you need to know a couple of things about the service you want to offer. Highlighted below are some of the things you need to know:

  • Major keywords related to your services
  • Who your targets are
  • What they’re looking for
  • Who are the people offering the services, and
  • What do they deliver.

Once you have been able to identify your major keywords, the next thing you would want to do is to find out how many searches the keywords receive in a month. You wouldn’t want to use keywords that got fewer than 100 searches in a month. So, using Google keywords research tool will help you to get the search estimate. For proper understanding, i will use “translation” service as an example.

Let’s say my interest is in translation services, and i wanted to offer English/Chinese translations. My 5 primary keywords would be:

  • Translation
  • Translate
  • Translator
  • Interpretation
  • Interpreter

Of course, you can have several other keywords for the service. However, the most important thing is to target keywords that closely describe what you do. So, for this service, i might be referred to as interpreter or someone who do interpretation.

Next, i will go to Google and do some searches to get ideas from those who have published information about it. And of course, if the keywords are not very relevant to the service, i will definitely see from the search result.
So, after searching for “interpreter” the results reveal that people also use both “translator” and “interpreter” to look for language translation services. So, i’m on the right track. The search also reveals the specific services they are looking for. Example, Spanish – English Interpreter.

keywords research

how to do gig research on fiverr

Now that you have been able to get the keywords, the next thing is to do the research on Fiverr.

When you conduct research on Fiverr, you need to consider the competition. After conducting research on Fiverr, i discovered that the sellers that are targeting “translation” in their gigs are ridiculously high. However, only six sellers are targeting the word “interpreter”. So, combining the two keywords to create a gig might be the best thing for me to do. Instead of creating a gig that focuses on translation, i will target the two keywords. By following this method, you’ll be able to see the competition level, and the opportunities in that niche.

Not only that you’ll see the competition level, you’ll also see which among the sellers are doing pretty fine, and what they’re doing that make them different from the other sellers.

The screenshots below show the search results for the two keywords on Fiverr. As you can see, “translation” is very competitive, however “interpretation” is not.

translation gig research

how to do gig research on fiverr

The image above is showing the results after searching for “Spanish translation”.

If you’re coming into this market very new, targeting keywords like translation might put you in extreme competition. Sadly, you might find it very difficult to get sales because there are thousands of other sellers that are already doing it. However, there’s always room for trial. As for me, i will apply the “blue ocean” strategy and avoid the competition.

What benefits would i get if my gig is not bringing sales for me? Absolutely, nothing. So, i will prefer to maintain a keyword that can give me head above others.

In the second image (shown below), the low competition is a good sign that you can dominate the keyword and start getting some sales.

fiverr gig research

how to do gig research on fiverr

The image above is showing the results after searching for Spanish interpreter.

What to take note

When you create a gig around keywords that are not very competitive on Fiverr, your chance of getting featured is very high because Fiverr likes creativity.

Another thing that’s worth taking into consideration is that when Fiverr expands their adverts to new regions (probably those that use your keywords), you’ll automatically become a leader in your niche, and sales will start coming naturally without doing any promotion.

What Next?

You’ve learnt a couple of things, however there’s more to it. Take time to find the right keywords that are relevant to your services, and do your homework properly. Using this method, you’ll not only avoid competition but also become the top seller in your niche.

Go now and start doing your research. Do not listen to those that tells you to “JUST” copy another seller’s gig and duplicate it verbatim. Use your creative power, and you’ll see the positive results.