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Most of the online job opportunities that have been published for years are still very helpful irrespective of the year they were published. So, if you’re looking for the best online jobs in Nigeria, you don’t need to ignore those opportunities that are not published in 2016. In fact, most of the highest paying online jobs have been in existence since the early year 2000. So what are those online job opportunities for Nigerians?

I know there are many limitations for Nigerians when it comes to online business. Because of the challenges in some of the businesses, I will focus more on businesses that are easy for Nigerians to participate.  At the end of this article, you should be able to identify online business opportunities suitable for you. There we go…



I will continue to pick freelancing as one of the best online jobs opportunities for Nigerians any day. It is undoubtedly the easiest method to work online and make money. I am telling you this simply because I am doing it and making money with it. Before I started working as a freelancer, I have engaged in two different online businesses that require serious work.

If you don’t understand what I mean by freelancing, you may need to read up some detailed articles about it. However, the general idea behind freelancing is to “work for people online and get paid”. Yes, it is not as simple as I mentioned. You need to join some freelancing websites and make your profile appealing to people who are looking to hire workers. In this article, I will use fiverr.com as an example of freelancing website you can join. In fact, I would recommend Fiverr for anyone who is planning to start working online as a freelancer.

What are the requirements for freelancing?

Well, many people don’t worry about the requirements because freelancing is extremely easy. However, if you want to take your freelancing business to the next level and become your own boss, you need to understand some basic requirements. Personally, I picked the points below as the standard requirements for every freelancer.

i. Skills – skills are very important as far as freelancing is concerned. If you don’t have a skill, you may not have the strength to proceed when the competition becomes intense. Yes, millions of people are becoming freelancers each year, and some of them may force you to withdraw from the market if you’re not skillful enough to compete with them. Having the right skill or improving on your existing skills will help you to survive even when the competition is extreme.

ii. Enabling environment – I assumed that you know some of the environmental factors that can halt your freelancing career. After conducting some studies, I found that electricity and internet connectivity are the major environmental factors that can prevent you from working as a freelancer.

iii. Access to computers – in order for you to work online as a freelancer, you need to have a computer. If you cannot afford to get a computer, you may be able to complete some freelancing jobs using your enabled mobile devices such as tablets and/or Smartphone.

iv. Time – you definitely need time. If anyone tells you that you only need to work for ten minutes per day, think twice and give yourself some brains. Freelancing will take your time.

Information marketing

Information Marketing

You’re fortunate because I won’t ask you to pay for reading articles on my blog. However, if I want to make money working online as an information marketer, I can package some information for you and ask you to pay some money to buy the package. Remember that you’re reading this article because you’re looking for 2016 online jobs in Nigeria. I can as well package this article and add some awesome tips and links to great sites where you can start working online and make money. If I package this in the form of eBook and ask you to pay some money to get it, it is very likely that you will buy it because you need it. That is exactly how information marketing works. It is one of the easiest means of making money online.

Many Nigerian information marketers are making decent money online by selling information products. Unfortunately, I am not one of them. LOL! But if you offer to pay me some token amount for giving you the best guide, I will greatly appreciate it and publish your name online and let people know how generous you are. That’s by the way.

What are the requirements for information marketing?

Like every other online businesses, information marketing has some fundamental requirements. Of course, not everyone takes this into consideration. I’m giving you the right information because I want you to do things the right way. Highlighted below are some of the basic requirements:

i. Research skills ¬– you can’t just package any information and start offering it to sell. No, it doesn’t work that way. I remember how I did things wrong back in 2009, when I first started online business. You need to know how to conduct research and find opportunities. Kindly contact me if you need help with this.

ii. Writing skills – you must be able to write. No, it is not a must, only if you have some money to hire a competent writer. I am saying this because I don’t want you to go out there and start plagiarizing other peoples’ hard work. Don’t go out there to copy and package another person’s work. Try to conduct your research and write your own book.

iii. Marketing skills – you can call a professional information marketer a “hype master” because these people know how to hype. This is a marketing skill, and you definitely need to master the technique if you want people to buy your product. I can make thousands of money with this short guide if I package it and write some captivating promotions about it.



Don’t go into blogging if you’re not ready to do some extra work. By now you should know the kind of person I am. I hate to deceive people. I know all the intricacies about blogging, and I won’t recommend it for you if you cannot DO EXTRA WORK. Blogging is a great method to make money online if you can devote your time and do the work. Unfortunately, it is not an easy thing to make money blogging. There are many challenges that can prevent you from making money. Let me quickly highlight some of the challenges before I talk about the last online jobs opportunities for Nigerians. By the way, here’s a great article for you to learn more about blogging in Nigeria.

i. Writing – feeding your blog with unique content is one of the biggest challenges for bloggers. If you cannot write, then you can’t be a better blogger unless you have money to hire a competent writer.

ii. SEO – SEO stands for search engine optimization. If you want to make decent money with your blog, you need to get thousands of daily visitors. Search engine can drive huge visitors to your blog, but not a very easy process.

iii. Traffic – I’m not talking about the traffic in the redemption camp. Hell, No. I’m talking about website traffic. Okay, I mean people that visit your website to read your latest updates. You need thousands of them in order to make decent money.

iv. Internet connection and data – this is not as serious as before because competition has made things better. However, expensive data subscription can cripple your blogging career. If you’re not making money with your blog, subscribing might be your biggest challenge.

Importation and eCommerce business

Importation Business Guide

Have you saved some money to start your online business? If your answer to this “SIMPLE” question is yes, importation business would be the best option for you. This is one of the hottest online businesses in Nigeria in 2016. You can join the industry and make decent money with little investment. Unfortunately, you can’t do importation business with zero capital. You need to use your money to make money in importation business. I have gone beyond my original plan of 1000 words long, so let me quickly highlight the challenges in importation business before I say GOODBYE.

i. Economic problem – did I hear you talking about the scarcity of dollars? Yes, it is the biggest challenges at the moment. If you are a complete noob, please seek professional advice before venturing into importation business.

ii. Research – Inability to conduct research is another major challenge in importation business. Many people sell the same thing just because one person (the coach) mentioned the product in his/her tutorial.

iii. Competition – the completion is intense, I must say. If you’ve been looking for products on the popular Nigeria eCommerce websites, you’ll see that the competition is fierce. The intense competition can cause you to lose money if care is not taken.

iv.  Promotion – knowing the right channel to promote your product is important. Unfortunately, not so many people know how to do things right. If you don’t know the right promotion method for your product, you’ll lose your money.

Let me stop here. You’re being informed, and I hope this short guide helps you make a better decision. If you need professional consultation and assistance, kindly contact us. We also build websites, advertise and train people on different online marketing skills. Best regards, Ojasweb Digital Solution