Google local business listing is one of the friendly ways to showcase your business on Google’s first page. It is a free service that enables business owners or administrators to create verifiable pages on Google. Apart from displaying businesses on Google’s first page, local business listing helps people to find your business on Google map, and get direction to your office. Amazingly, Google provides a huge space on the right side of the result page for your business and the images to display.

Traditionally, Google’s right sidebar is reserved to display information from advertisers. Fortunately, if you have a verified business page on Google, you don’t need to be a paid advertiser before your business can show in the right sidebar. Remember, you don’t necessarily need to have a website before you can create business page with Google. Your physical location is all that is required. It is like having a showroom for your business on the number one search engine in the world. That being said let me quickly talk about why Google local business listing is important for every business with physical location, and how to create a well optimized page.

Why is it local business?

Well, it does not mean that your business will not be visible to people in different parts of the world. However, it is programmed to be very relevant when people search in any particular location. This service works with Google map and the location recognized by your web browsers. When you launch your browser, for instance, Google chrome and enter a search term such as “restaurant”, Google chrome will inform Google your exact location (e.g. Texas) and helps them to display restaurants in that particular region. Again when the same person searches for “restaurants” in another location (e.g. Michigan) Google will also display restaurants in that particular location. Google-My-Business-LogoBy the way, it is important to remember that the local businesses do not interfere with the normal way Google displays results. If there are no relevant businesses with such keywords in the region, no business will come up, but the normal results will be displayed.

SEO benefits of Google Local Business

Having a website setup for your business is not the only thing required to be successful online. In fact, there are several things needed to put in place in order to be successful online. Obviously, everyone would want to be known for what they do and what they shared on their websites. However, not everyone knows what it takes in order to run a successful online business. It is one thing to have a website set up, and another thing for people to see the website and its content. If people are not seeing your contents or products online, chances of getting customers are very lean. Search engine optimization (SEO) helps your business to come up on Google and other search engines so that people can visit your website and become your customers. You might have come across other technical definitions of search engine optimization; however, the definition in this article is the simplest meaning of SEO.

If you have a business with physical location and a website, Google local business will not only display your business and the location, but enhance your website’s SEO. One of the ways it enhances your website SEO is by creating authority backlink on Google plus. Of course, Google indexes Google plus contents and displays it among their results. If you have a well optimized local business page, your website will also benefit from it, and more people will visit your website. SEO experts have been using this method for optimization purposes, and it works pretty well. Remember that if your website ranks high on Google, definitely, it will rank high in other major search engines. So when you work on your website SEO using Google’s standard as a guide, you don’t need to worry about other search engines because your method will work fine with them.

Benefits of Google local business listing

There would be no need for people to list their business with Google if there is no advantages o f doing so. Obviously, listing your business with Google is beneficial. It is free, and gives you a space on their page to show people what you have for them. As I said earlier, you don’t necessarily need a website before you can setup a Google business page. All it requires is for you to have a physical location, which I believe you do.

Additionally, Google local business listing makes it easy for you to advertise with them (Google) right from the business page. Although, I do not recommend for people to start advertising directly from their business page if they don’t have experience of how Google advertising works.

Who Google local business is for?

If you ask me who the local business listing is for, I would say everyone who has a business and a means of verifying it. Don’t worry if you don’t know what I mean by “means of verifying it”. Just have it at the back of your mind that your business is eligible for Google listing. I am saying this because I have been in the system for the past 4 years and I know how it works. Even if you’re living in obscure region where people cannot easily locate you, it is still doable.

How we can help?

By now you should know that Ojasweb Digital Solution can help you setup your Google business page and verify it as soon as possible. It is one of the things we do for a living. If you have been having issues with it all these while, just relax and contact us for a quick rescue. Our office is in Badagry, but we can deliver the service even if you are not living in Nigeria.

When you contact us to setup your business page and list it with Google, you also qualify for free basic training on how to update and optimize your page without issues.