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The landing page in your Google AdWords campaigns, is the first page a customer will see when they click on your advert. It is the place in your customer conviction and impression process. It is on this page that their interest in your product is either piqued or dropped. In this post i will give you some tips to design landing page for your Google AdWords campaign in Nigeria.

As a matter of fact, a landing page should do, or work than the ad copy in a Google AdWords campaign. Your ad copy does the job of attracting customers, giving them a clue of what you are selling and ultimately, sending them to your landing page – if they are curious enough to click on your provided URL.

Therefore, you should not kill all the effort made by your ad copy, in bringing you potential buyers, with your sloppily designed landing page.

Many a time, in ad campaigns, customers read an ad copy, get a feeling of overwhelming excitement and curiosity from what an ad promises, only to be disappointed, the moment they get to the landing page. The problem is not actually that they feel deceived, rather because they did not find what they were looking for. Your landing page is supposed to do more than your ad copy did: it is supposed to reinforce the impact your ad copy made on them; it should be more engaging and convincing enough to make them go to the next step, which could either be to buy your product, fill out a form, submit their contact info, or whatever else you want them to do. And this they will do willingly because they have become hooked!

So in order to justify your investment in Google AdWords and get the best experience ever, you must consider the following 5 things when designing a landing page for your Google AdWords campaign.

  1. Your content must be original and straight to the point

As customers are taken to your landing page, they expect to get an elaboration on what your ad copy advertised.

When designing a landing page for your Google AdWords campaign, you must consider what impression the overall page will have on your customers as they read its content.

Bear in mind that the customers that arrive on your landing page can easily leave the page if they did not see what they expected.

Go straight to the point and elaborate on what you advertised on your ad copy: your customers are information-hungry and are impatient to find out more, so hit the nail on the head and give them the info they need to convert.

Make sure that you don’t advertise one thing on your ad copy and then have something else on your landing page. Dedicate a landing page for each different ad campaign.

  1. Let your customers gain trust and confidence in you

A powerful sales copy on your landing page, works a lot of magic on the reader. It has a way of fostering trust and confidence in your buyers about you. Marketers will tell you that the trust and confidence your customers have in you, hasten their conviction process to convert. But even in cases like this, customers do not need to know you or to have used your product before they can be convinced enough to buy from you. Your sales copy which is accessible on your landing page, does all the convincing they need.

This is why you must consider a high-converting sales copy for your AdWords campaign; starting from your headline to your “call to action.” A powerful sales copy a way of telling your customers that you know what you are doing. With it, you gain the trust and confidence of your customers.

  1. Create a smooth navigation for your enabled devices


The first thing that turns potential online customers off is the difficulty they experience in navigating your landing page. Make the relevant info they are looking for, easy to find. Remove annoying pop-ups or other features that can interfere with the smooth navigation of your landing page.

  1. Make sure your landing page loads fast

There is nothing as annoying and frustrating as a landing page that takes eternity to load. Your customers, loaded with excitement from what they read on your ad copy, can get frustrated when the landing page where they were redirected to, does not load fast. You must consider this when designing your landing page and get it taken care of.

  1. Design your landing page to be mobile friendly

Most people these days access the internet from their mobile devices – therefore you must put this into consideration when designing your landing page. You wouldn’t want to lose customers all because the landing page you designed, did not give them a good mobile experience.

There you have them! The 5 things to consider when designing a landing page for your Google AdWords campaign. Put them into action – and you would have created a money making machine out of your landing page!

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