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Undoubtedly, knowing the most important questions to ask SEO companies in Nigeria will save you from falling into the hands of unscrupulous people who parade themselves as the best seo providers without having the necessary skills to prove their claim. We’re writing this not because we want to downgrade their services, but we want to help you understand SEO and get the best result for your money.

First thing first, i’ll like to inform you that SEO is real, and it could be the best thing for your business, especially if you are not financially strong enough to advertise your business online. And again, it is good to let you know that there are many legitimate seo companies in Nigeria, and Ojasweb is one of them. So, before you throw your money at anyone who claims to be the best seo company in Nigeria, it would be appropriate for you to ask some logical questions that can help you decide whether they are worth it or not. But before i highlight these questions, let me spare few seconds to tell you what SEO is all about.

What is SEO?

SEO is the shortened form of Search Engine Optimization. In its simplest explanation, SEO is the method that digital marketers, seo experts and website owners use to make website contents easily accessible to search engine robots so that the contents of the website could be crawled and indexed by search engine, and ranked among the top websites that appear in the search results. In case you don’t know why SEO is so important, it is the major technique that could help you drive huge traffic to your website without paying for advertisement. This is so true because Google (number one search engine) has millions of daily users who are looking for information or services. Now that you know what SEO is, let’s see the most important questions you should ask from seo companies in Nigeria or anywhere in the world.

Questions You Must Ask SEO Companies

As it is in every business, asking some critical questions while hiring seo company could save you from permanent penalization by Google. If you’re a complete novice, i strongly recommend for you to ask us some questions before you go ahead to discuss with your SEO provider. In the event that you’ve already initiated conversation with them, make sure you ask the following questions.

1. What approach would you use to rank my website?

Not everyone knows that some SEO techniques could cause more harm to their websites. If you’re hearing this for the very first time, be happy you know about it now. Basically, there are three SEO techniques;

  • White hat SEO
  • Black hat SEO, and
  • Grey hat SEO.

If a company promises to rank your website to the top of Google’s first page within 48 hours, it is most likely that they are using black or grey hat techniques. With this, your position on the first page cannot be guaranteed for a long time. This is so true because each time Google rolls out new updates, all the websites that get caught in the shady act would be wiped away from the top pages. In fact, some of them might be blacklisted for engaging in black hat SEO. So, if you’re planning to hire a SEO company that promises you the top ranking within 48 hours, make sure you ask for the approach. Of course, you might not know which is the best method, however if you could do a quick search about their approach, chances that you’ll find out more about it are high.

2. What evidences would you deliver?

Assuming they promise you page one ranking in just 48 hours and you agree to work with them, what evidences would they provide for the delivery? Did you just say images that show your site in Google search? Hell no, that’s not the best they could deliver. It is pretty easy to edit images and make it look real. I won’t accept image as the evidence of project completion. Ideally, they should give you some keywords, page url and images showing that your site is ranking for the keywords. For instance, if they promise to rank your website for five major keywords, they need to give you the keywords, the url of the pages they rank, and the images of the actual ranking. With the keywords, you can head over to Google and do a quick search to confirm if it works or not.

And most importantly, do not agree to do the search on their computer. Try to use different computer that you’ve not used to browse your website. However, if no option other than to use their computer, make sure you clear the browser browsing history from the beginning of time. Doing this will wipe away all cached pages and help you see genuine search results.

3. Who are your most recent and older clients?

Whatever story they tell you, if they can not show you some of their most recent and older clients, they’re not worth it. Trust me, every genuine company should be able to show you some of their clients without hesitation. You don’t need to beg them to see who they’ve worked with. Even if they list some companies on their site, make sure you visit the companies’ websites and, if possible ask for confirmation. I’m sure you’ll be doing all of these because you don’t want to throw your money in the ocean or get permanently banned by Google.

If they could tell your some of their clients and some of the keywords they ranked for them, head over to Google and do some research. If truly the sites are ranked for the keywords, and the website confirmed that they did it. then you might be safe to work with them. But then, make sure that the acclaimed clients are not their syndicate.

4. What is the cost?

It is time to talk about money. No free thing in Freetown, right? Yes. SEO is one of the most tedious online marketing techniques, so you should be ready to pay for quality service. But then, you don’t have to break your card or take a loan to pay up the debt. You need to know the cost and also find out if there are recurring payments. Ideally, you should have the cost breakdown in their proposal. However, if all what they told you is to pay certain amount without proper documentation, it is not the best. I might ask you to step aside and look for other provider with good plan and proper documentation.

Wait! what am i suppose to pay for full website SEO? this is something i can’t tell you, however you should be expecting to pay between $1,500 and $5,000 to rank not more than 10 pages. Note, the cost could go higher depending on the competition of the keywords. And again, some SEO agency might charge recurring payment so that they can help you monitor your ranking and further update your page.

5. Do you guarantee your work?

It is never a bad idea to ask for guarantee. After all, you;re paying for their services and you won’t be happy to pay huge amount of money for something that won’t even last a month. So, asking them if they can guarantee their work is one of the best methods to know if they’re genuine or not. As for me, the only reason why i can’t guarantee your top position for a long time is probably due to extreme competition and regular update by Google. Apart from that, you should be able to maintain the first page for a long time.

There you have the 5 questions you must ask SEO companies in Nigeria. I hope this article helps you find the best provider that will help your business grow.

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