The entire world is going digital, hence we need to talk about the essential digital marketing courses in Nigeria. Sharing my digital marketing knowledge with people from different parts of the world is something I like doing, even if I had to ignore some of my important projects. As a full-time digital marketer, I am very much aware that not all the digital marketing skills are highly in-demand in this part of the world. For instance, most of the marketers in Nigeria are not very much interested in LinkedIn marketing because of the market share. So, if you’re planning to learn digital marketing in Nigeria, it is important for you to learn the most essential digital marketing courses that can impact your life positively. I have five of the courses in this article, and I will briefly discuss about them.

Email marketing fundamentals

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Yes, sending effective emails to the people in your list is one of the most essential digital marketing skills in the world. Email marketing has been around since the emergence of the internet itself. It has been the most used marketing tools before the emergence of advanced technology like Facebook, twitter and the other latest technologies. In fact, email marketing is still one of the most effective marketing techniques today. One of the amazing things about email marketing is that almost everyone needs to have a valid email address before they can use other internet technologies.

Email marketing fundamentals goes beyond the sending and receiving of emails. It involves a lot of marketing skills. Before you can become a professional email marketer, you need to master the act of building buyers list, composing irresistible messages, mastering how to write attention grabbing headlines, and be effective in using the advanced email marketing software like Aweber, Mailchimp, Getrespose, etc.

Obviously, that’s not all what you need to learn in order to become a professional email marketer. You also need to be effective in conducting research and building good relationship with your subscribers. With this skill, you can dominate the internet and make tons of money training people and selling your own products. So if you’re looking for digital marketing courses in Nigeria, make sure you add email marketing to your syllabus.

Content marketing


Content marketing is another essential digital marketing courses available in Nigeria. In fact, it is one of the hottest digital marketing skills today. With a sound knowledge of content marketing, you can do wonders on the internet. Don’t ask me the type of wonders you can do, LOL. As a content marketer, you’ll be able to offer services such as article writing for business, translation, and proofreading. Please don’t consider yourself as a content marketer if you’re one of the people that copy other peoples work verbatim.

Some of the things you’ll learn in the content marketing training program include online research, detection of plagiarism, using some advanced tools, translating from one language to another, writing SEO compliant articles, and marketing. The good thing about this course is that you can enroll in online training.

Social media marketing


You think you know social media marketing because you have a software that posts articles to multiple Facebook groups at the same time? Hell no, you’re a spammer. Professional social media marketers don’t need to spam Facebook groups before they can deliver their messages to their target audience. If you want to become a professional social media marketer, you need to learn how to use social media professionally. You need to know the features available in each social media, and how to use them to get good results.

Believe me, most of the people that call themselves social media marketers because they have one or two Facebook groups don’t even know how to use some of the features available in Facebook groups. A professional social media marketer should be able to use certain features to boost the performance of their business.

Except you limit yourself to certain social media, you should be able to use different social media websites effectively. For instance, you should be able to use twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, Google plus, Snapchat, and other social media sites. Additionally, you should be familiar with their advertising platforms. You should know how to run adverts on each of the social media websites. If you’re considering a profitable digital marketing skill, social media marketer is one of them.

Search engine optimization (SEO)


The fourth digital marketing skill on my list is search engine optimization. I completely love it because it is one of the skills that can help you prove your ability to your competitors. Without SEO, your website is dead. Don’t hit yourself very hard because you don’t know what SEO is all about. At least you know what a search engine is. SEO is the process of optimizing websites and their contents to appear among the top results in search engine. The reason for SEO is pretty simple. Millions of people are using Google (a search engine) to look for information each day. In fact, more than 5.5 billion searches are conducted on Google each day. You may not understand the importance of SEO if you’re new to internet marketing. However, if you know the importance of organic traffic, you’ll invest heavily in search engine optimization.

SEO is a very competitive digital marketing skill. Every business needs it in order to increase their customer base. If you’re a professional search engine optimizer with success records, you’ll make plenty money offering your service as a freelancer.

You can learn SEO from full-time digital marketers like myself. If you already have some ideas, you can learn by watching videos on YouTube. One important thing you need to know about SEO is that you need to apply your knowledge regularly.

Pay Per Click Advertising


Pay Per Click advertising is usually shortened as PPC. I know you were struggling to decode the meaning of PPC the first time you saw it. No abuse, I was also like that. PPC advertising is the most complex digital marketing skill available today. If you think this is your major area of interest, then you need to choose your favorite platform. As you might know, Google AdWords is the leader, and the most complex PPC advertising platform.

Pay Per Click advertising is not very easy to learn on your own because you’ve got to spend money to practice it. If you want to become a professional PPC advertiser, or online advertiser, you need to learn all the intricacies of PPC advertising. Because of the complexity of the platforms, you may need to stick with just one and learn everything about it. Another thing about online advertising is that you need to practice continuously. Staying some months without practicing can be detrimental.

As a Google AdWords expert, I do encourage people to manage at least one account so that they can update their skills regularly.

Now that you know the 5 essential digital marketing courses in Nigeria, the next question would be “where to learn the skills”. If you are living in Lagos, you can visit some of the top digital marketing companies in Ikeja and VI. Of course, you can also book appointment with Ojasweb.

I hope this little information will help you choose the right digital marketing skill. Goodluck!