I have not published for a while because I have been quite busy with different tasks. However, I have always wanted to give out the best so that my readers can learn something important whenever they spare time to read my post. Today I was inspired to write about graphics design, not because I train people in this area, but because I want people to know the major things required in graphics design. Obviously, not everyone takes this into consideration before they enroll for graphics design course, however, if you do think about them you’d be able to decide whether to proceed with the training or choose alternative programs.

Graphics design is one of the best skills in the world. You might not agree with me because not so many people appreciate them in this part of the world. Personally, I refer to a graphic designer as someone who has the ability to turn ideas into a visual object. Definitely, not everyone can turn your ideas into a visual object. A good graphics designer has that unusual ability which many people don’t think about. They design the foundation of almost all the gadgets we use today. Unfortunately, not every graphics designer has the ability to turn ideas into creative visual objects. There are many designers out there who can’t even interpret ideas correctly. This short article is not about history whatsoever. I have listed the 3 things you need to know before you learn graphics design.  I strongly encourage you to read the things you need to know before enrolling for a skill.

Your creativity

I have emphasized the importance of creativity in the previous paragraphs. This is the number one thing you need to consider before you enroll for graphics design course. How creative you are determines whether you can do exceedingly well in graphics or not. You need a lot of creativity in order to create visually appealing graphics. You might assume that you should be able to do well in graphics because you are smart and brilliant. However, unfortunately, your smartness and brilliancy may not have any impact in your creativity. Some of those people who create outstanding graphics are not even smart or brilliant, but creative. Before you decide to learn graphics design, first challenge your creativity and see if you can come up with appealing graphics without looking at what others have done.

How do you know if you are not creative?

You might think it is not necessary to be creative until people start challenging your ability. It is not easy to say if you’re creative or not. However, if you’ve been using some graphics tool in the past, you might be able to tell if you’re good at what you do or not. Here are some of the best ways to know if you’re creative or not.

  1. You have problem choosing appropriate colors all the time. You don’t agree with me on that? Let me explain further. A creative person will not struggle before picking the right colors for a project. They use fewer colors and come up with great graphics. If you’re not creative, you might start conflicting yourself before choosing the right colors for a particular design. This does not mean that you have problem identifying colors. If you’re able to come up with good color combination after several modifications, I may still agree that you’re creative. Unfortunately, non-creative person will change colors again and again, yet the results will look awful. They tend to use more colors in their design.
  2. They like other people’s ideas, but can’t come up with their own ideas. It is not a bad thing to like other people’s ideas. In fact, it is good to get ideas from other designers, but you should at least be able to come up with your own creative ideas some times. A creative person will get ideas from other designers and turn those ideas into more creative designs. They don’t reciprocate on other people’s design all the time.
  3. They may not be able to design from scratch. Yes, they use templates or even have similar images opened before they can design.

If you’re in this category, graphics design might not be the best option for you. Choose from other great programs and you’d be fine.

Your source of inspiration

Inspiration is one of the important things that keep graphics designers going. You can get inspiration in different ways. Ask some graphics designers what inspires them and hear what they have to say. If you’re not getting inspiration at all, chances that you will become a great designer are lean. Having the uncommon ability to turn people’s ideas into visually appealing object is a good inspiration for some designers. Some people just love to design because they want to see their creativity everywhere. Think about your source of inspiration and work on it. If nothing inspires you in graphics design, it is likely that graphics design is not your thing. Find your way before it is too late.

Time and Practice

It won’t be okay to conclude this short piece without talking about time and practice. As it is in every other profession, regular practices help graphics designers improve on their creativity. If you really want to be a good designer, you must devote some time to practice. It is not important that you spend all day practicing. What is more important is persistent. Even if it is just an hour practice in a day, make sure that you keep doing it regularly.

Another important thing you need to keep in mind is that most training centers won’t teach you beyond the basics. You’ve got to challenge yourself by working on tough projects. Familiarize yourself with the most sophisticated tools available, and use the features regularly. Before you enroll for graphics design training in any center, make sure that you know the application they are using. Most centers in my area use Corel draw, however, the most complex design can be done easily using adobe Photoshop, illustrator, and in-design.

Above all, know what the market needs. There are many things you can do as a graphics designer. It goes beyond tracing images and creating banners. Learn from experts and you’ll be fine.