Someone called me recently to ask if Google ads is truly converting in Nigeria or I was just hyping the platform simply because I am a Google partner. This type of question is not uncommon because I have been asked several times.

I know quite well that many people are of the opinion that Google ads is not converting in Nigeria, and some of them have even concluded that Google ads is mainly for the big companies and people outside of Nigeria.

If you’ve never used Google ads to promote your business, you definitely want to know whether it is true or not. And because of that, I will like to share the 3 major reasons why people think that Google ads is not converting in Nigeria.

1. They think everything about Google ads is search advertising.

When most people hear about Google ads, the first thing that comes to their mind is those search results at the very top of Google search with the small “ad” tag behind it.

Of course, those are truly Google ads, however, there are many other ad types on Google ads platform. Those search results with the “ad” tag are search ads. And since many people are only aware of the search ads, and that they are only triggered by keywords which are sometimes expensive, they automatically believe that such ads will not be profitable for them.

The other ad types on Google ads platform are; display ads, shopping ads, YouTube ads, and app install ads. All of these ad types can be used to drive good results for your business if done the right way.

2. They judge based on their experience and/or what they hear about social media ads.

Why should I waste my money on Google ads when I can spend as low as 3,000 Naira on Facebook and get many conversions? This is what a lady told me over the phone when she called to ask me if I can help her to setup and manage Google ads for her business.

To address this opinion, one need not to blame the lady or anyone with similar opinion, but the desperate social media marketers who pitch small business owners with unreliable offers. It is true that you can get conversions on social media with a very low budget, however, promising people several conversions for a ridiculously low amount is misleading.

Furthermore, what many social media marketers use to deceive them is the engagement they get on their ads. Sadly, the number of likes, comments and shares on social media posts does not directly reflect the number of conversions such posts generated.

3. They don’t have good knowledge of Google ads.

We have to accept the reality that many people don’t have good knowledge of Google ads. While Google ads might look simple to experienced marketers like myself, the truth remains that it is not as simple as Facebook ads.

On Facebook, you can easily click on “boost” on your page’s post and follow a few steps to get your ad up and running. Sadly, it is not that simple on Google ads.

On Facebook, almost all the ads follow the same format/steps. However, on Google, the process for creating a display ad is different from that of search ads, YouTube ads, shopping ads or even apps install. Each of the ad type on Google ads has some complex settings that you need to learn and master in order for you to get good results.

So, for most people that say Google ads is not converting in Nigeria, the truth is that they don’t have good knowledge of Google ads.

Google ads platform is a very advanced marketing tool that you need to learn and understand how it works. Without first learning and understanding the platform, chances that you’ll complain about your result are very high.

If you want to get a good result from Google ads, make sure that you know how the platform works and choose the best ads that match your goal.

If you have the advertising budget, say 1000 USD and above, you can hire a specialist like myself to help you setup and manage your ads, however, if not, you can enroll in advanced Google ads training courses that will put you through and help you get going within a short time.

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