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I want to quickly share some facts about digital marketing training in Nigeria. In the last few years, I have written a couple of articles about digital marketing in Nigeria, and several people have been reaching me on phone and email, to know more about what digital marketing is, and whether they can make money from it or not. In fact, many people want to know if digital marketing is the same thing as “Yahoo Yahoo”. Honestly speaking, there are many things you need to know about digital marketing, ¬†and not just what most guys teach in their regular seminars. Another thing you need to know is that not everyone who stays online are digital marketers. The internet is really broad, and there are many things you can actually do online. In this article, I will highlight the 10 facts you need to know about digital marketing in Nigeria.

Digital marketing has different courses

You heard me! Digital marketing has several courses. It is pretty similar to the higher institutions where you and i go to learn different things. While it is possible for a single person to learn or know different areas of digital marketing, it is practically impossible for a single person to be practicing all of them at the same time. As it is in the various department in the university, digital marketing has different niches, and each niche has several sub niches. If you’re thinking about learning digital marketing, make sure you know which niche you’ll like to focus on. It is important for you to know your primary interest and build your skills on it. This is the top 5 digital marketing courses for Nigerians.

It is not a get rich quick program

I think i am one of the few marketers who doesn’t describe digital marketing as a way to get rich quickly. Of course, it could be because i am not into information marketing. For those of you who might have attended some seminars in the past, you definitely could relate to how most of the top guys package and advertise their seminars. Although i cannot dispute the fact that most of what they teach are actually working for them, however it is also important to let you know that digital marketing is not a get rich quick program. You’ve got to dedicate yourself to the task and put more efforts in your work. As far as i know, none of the top guys can tell you that they started making money off digital marketing immediately they started. It takes time to master the business part of it. So, if you think the only way to start making huge amount of money immediately is to become a digital marketer, i’m sorry to say that you’re not encouraging yourself for the task.

Cannot be mastered in two weeks

Most of the successes in digital marketing is as a result of long and continuous efforts that cannot be revealed in just few days. If you too want to become a respected marketer, you’ve got to dedicate your time to learn, and not running from one place to another hoping to master everything in few days. It will take some time before you can master your preferred niche. In fact, it will require regular practicing and implementation of strategies. Like i usually say, digital marketing is not theoretical, it is 100% practical. If anyone promise to teach you every intricacies of digital marketing in 14 days, you should automatically know that he/she will only teach you the general introduction to digital marketing.

You need to spend money

Recently someone wanted to learn digital marketing from me and he was hopping that i will train him for free. This is what most Nigerians want. They wanted to learn the best skill for the price of nothing. This is not a good way of thinking. Everyone who’s into digital marketing have spent money on different things. You too need to spend some money in order to learn the best skills. Of course, you might be able to learn few things using the widely available free materials and videos, however this alone cannot help you master your niche. For instance, if you’ll like to improve your knowledge of pay per click advertising, you need to spend money on ads. you need to practice different techniques and stick with what works for you.

It requires time

Another important thing you need to know about digital marketing is that it requires time. Forget about what you might have heard. You need to devote your time to it. If it is really that easy to make hundreds of dollars in few hours without doing anything special, everyone into digital marketing should be very rich by now. However the truth is that you need to invest your time. Learning will take time, so also practicing.

There are many fake digital marketers

And another critical thing about digital marketing in this part of the world is that many self-acclaimed marketers are fake. You don’t know them, and you might not be able to identify them, however experienced marketers can easily identify them by their updates or adverts. Personally, i have been into the business for the past four years and i have encountered a lot of things. There are good and legitimate marketers, and there are several fakers. Most of the fake marketers can go as far as editing another person’s earnings images and make them look like their’s. These fake marketers can make you believe that earning huge money online is a matter of spending five minutes on your computer and start cashing out money on autopilot. Unfortunately, these are the people many Nigerians want to follow. The quick money syndrome has overtaken their mind, and they can easily fall for such scam. Be warned, fakers will only become rich via your gullibility.

Blogging is just one part of digital marketing

Blogging is undoubtedly the most common online business in Nigeria. Nowadays everyone wants to own a blog. And guess what, everyone wants to be an entertainment/news blogger. My experience with most of these guys are really funny. They obviously don’t know what is involved, and they don’t know the work their. The truth is that blogging is really tedious, and it is only one part of digital marketing. When you start blogging, you’ll most likely need to master content marketing and learn about SEO and traffic generation. So, in summary, not everyone who work as a digital marketer is a blogger. there are several other digital marketing niches.

It is not as easy as people advertise it

Not everyone wants to become digital marketer for fun, some want to earn big with it. I am also one of those who want to earn big from it. However, it is not an easy task. Digital marketing is one of the jobs that can get you exhausted all the time. You will spend hours doing research and learning different things. That’s not all, the frustration of not making money can get you discouraged. So it is good for you to prepare for the task. It is not easy as many people say. Forget about the well-polished ads. Everyone has a marketing strategy to drive more sales. Telling you that you can master digital marketing in just few days, and make huge money from it is a big lie. You’ve got to work the hell out of you. But in all, it is profitable.

You don’t need to learn all the digital marketing courses

The good thing about digital marketing is that you don’t really need to learn all the digital marketing courses before you can start making money online. The most important thing is for you to identify your interest and equip yourself with the necessary skills. Some of the popular digital marketing courses are;

  • email marketing
  • search engine optimization
  • pay per click ¬†advertising
  • blogging
  • social media marketing
  • freelancing
  • content marketing, etc.

It requires passion

Last but not the least, digital marketing requires passion. Your passion is the primary thing that will keep you going even when things are not working as planned. Without passion, the frustration of not making money as expected could make you to quit. So, it is very important for you to allow passion drives you. Don’t do it only because of the money, do it for the love and passion. And trust me, everything will turn out positively in the end. Here’s a link to our digital marketing training in Lagos.

Welcome online!

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