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Where to advertise in Nigeria is not a new discussion, we’ve been talking about different online advertising techniques and platforms in the past few months, and now we want to go beyond the internet and highlight some other advertising techniques that are still very effective.

Advertising is the live wire of any good business. It is what keeps it going and running. Through advertising, business owners create awareness of their products and services to the general public. People get convinced of the quality of any brand when they see or hear a constant promotion of its qualities over the media.

Most business owners in Nigeria and the world over, have realized the power of advertising and have kept it as a top priority. Most companies, especially the multi-nationals, budget huge funds for advertising their products each year. But in recent times, these business owners have realized that the answer to their business growth does not end in just advertising but in powerful and effective advertising. That is what ensures that they get good ROI (Return on Investment) from their advertising quest. In Nigeria, where entrepreneurs are popping out on a daily basis, the need to advertise has become rather imperative. It is no more important for only brand awareness but for survival among the many competitors in one’s niche.

This article will reveal where business owners, private individuals or just anyone can advertise in Nigeria. Read on!

1. Radio Adverts

This is a very well-known method of advertising. It is also an old and well-exploited method in Nigeria through which business owners cast their nets wide to reach millions of Nigerians. What makes this medium unique is that people do not need internet access to tune in to their radios. This implies that everybody, including people living in the rural areas and those whose are not internet-savvy, are reached when you advertise through the radio. Radio adverts are however, virtually location-specific. But if utilized effectively, can set a business owner to operate an almost monopoly market in his location. To advertise through this medium, go to any of the radio stations in your town and get your advert running.

2. TV Adverts

Just like radio adverts, TV ads are an old but effective method to advertise your brand. These adverts are more effective than that of radios because the use of pictures and videos is possible in this medium. Studies have shown that people respond more to adverts when they see pictures and possibly, videos promoting the product that’s being advertised. TV adverts are also virtually location specific especially when you advertise in your local TV station.

To advertise through this medium, go to any TV station in your locality and get started with it.

3. Newspapers and Magazines

Newspapers and magazines are very effective advert media in Nigeria and the world over. If you still need to be convinced of this, go to the advert-rate- page of any known newspaper and you will be amazed at how expensive it is to place even a quarter page of advert in newspapers.

This is the newspapers owner’s way of telling you that newspaper ads are effective and have the potential of turning huge a ROI to business owners who wish to try it out. Popular newspapers in Nigeria include:

– The Vanguard

– The Guardian

– The Daily Sun

– The Tribune

– This Day

– The Punch etc

There are also other newspapers which operate on the local level. Make your choice on any of them. Remember that the national dailies have a wider reach than the local newspapers. So, as your pocket permits, get started with one.

4. The Internet

This is the latest and most trending method of advertising in Nigeria. It is fast, easy (when

understood) and has the potentials to reach wide. This is obviously my favorite means of advertising in Nigeria. Why? It makes it really easy for me to setup my adverts and run it effectively without leaving my room. Amazingly, i can target just anyone on the internet both in Nigeria and other regions in different part of the world.

There are so many channels through which you can run your advertising campaign on the internet. They include:

a. Blogs/websites

b. Online newspapers

c. Google

d. Facebook

e. Twitter

Each of these channels will yield you good results if well managed. Internet advertising requires more professionalism than all the other methods mentioned before. Therefore, I recommend that you seek professional help so as to achieve your advertising goals.

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There you go! “Where to advertise in Nigeria” has been thoroughly broken down for you.

There is so much growth awaiting your business when you choose to do the right thing for it by advertising. What are you waiting for?