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Selling items online in Nigeria today has become the in thing. Sometimes, sellers on these free Nigerian e-commerce websites are not regular sellers or businessmen. Some of them are private individuals who have one fairly used item in their office or at home, which they do not need anymore, to sell. They simply take pictures of these items and upload them of any of the many e-commerce websites in Nigeria, fix a price for them and sell them off.

Most Nigerians today, who are looking for affordable, yet quality items to buy, mostly go online – and that is why the e-commerce industry in Nigeria is thriving.

For most sellers, especially the private ones, selling on these websites where they can sell for free is preferable. On these websites, they are allowed to post their items for free. All they need do is provide their location and contact info along with a picture of the item they want to sell; fix the price and wait for customers to call.

That said, we will go further to deal with the topic on the table.

  1. OLX

Olx is the most popular of the bunch: Nigerians troop this website daily to either buy or sell items. I think the secret lies in the fact that sellers here post their items for free. In some cases, buyers have the opportunity to bargain on prices fixed on the site. This is possible because websites like Olx only allow sellers to display their items for free. The transaction and payment is not done on Olx, rather it is done directly between the buyer and the seller. Olx simply serves as the advert platform where buyers can find what they want. Every seller enters his phone number so all a buyer has to do is take this phone number and call the seller. This gives room for negotiation – and this is one the reasons why Nigerians like to buy from Olx. Being a seller here guarantees that you will make sales.

So go straight to www.olx.com open your account; upload your pictures of the items you are selling, fix your price, enter your contact details and target location and you are good to go!


Jiji is another popular website in Nigeria where people can sell items for free. The website is widely known owing to its vigorous and relentless advertising on many websites in Nigeria today. On Jiji, just like Olx, you can sell varieties of items ranging from cars, phones and even used items etc. Jiji has a way of rewarding sellers who have records of successful sales: there is provision for buyers to leave reviews after the deal is done – so you can be sure that your buyers will speak well of you if you treat them fine. So go right ahead to www.jiji.com and set up your account.


Here, you can also sell your items for free. This website also enjoys a teeming Nigerian traffic. Start by opening an account. The registration process takes less than 2 minutes and within 48 hours, your account is verified. Write a catchy, short description for your item, fix a price for it and you are all set to sell your items. You can access this website on www.efritin.com

4. SellersNG

SellersNG is the latest classified ad site in Nigeria as at the time of writing this post. It works pretty similar to the other classified ads sites that have been mentioned. Registering with SellersNG is really easy and hassle-free. all what you need to do is to click the registration button and complete the quick registration process. The next thing is to verify your registration, and you’re good to go.

No limit to the amount of ads you can post. However, you need to make sure that your ads meet the standard request, otherwise it will be deleted by the admin. To register, visit the website at www.sellersng.com

5. ADY

This website, just like the already mentioned ones, serves as a meeting ground for sellers and buyers. Sellers here, post ads of items they have for sale all for free. The site is available on www.ady.ng


Getting your account all set up and running on Locanto is easy. Posting an ad is easy and fast as well. Enter the details of the item you want to sell and in a few minutes, your ad goes live. Go right to www.locanto.com.ng

There are so many websites that people can sell on for free in Nigeria. The above listed 5 are good and can serve your needs. Get your items ready for sale. These websites are waiting!