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Ojasweb Offers Professional PPC Management, Web Development, and Facebook Advertising Solutions

Get your website design in Badagry or learn how to design and develop professional websites within few weeks at Ojasweb Digital Solution. There are more than 50 computer training centers around Badagry, however only about 3 of them offer web design. If you live in Badagry or its neighboring communities, and you’re looking for a place where you can enroll for web design training, make sure you take note of these tips.

Get background knowledge of web design before visiting any center

It is not important for you to know so many things about website design before visiting a training center, however due to some deceptive behaviors of many centers; you need to know some basic things that you can ask them as regards the program. Based on research conducted by Ojasweb, most of the training centers in Badagry that claimed to offer web design training know very little about web design. In fact, most of them cannot explain the concept of responsive web design, which is the most important thing in today’s web design. So if you’re looking for a place to enroll for web design in Badagry, make sure you know some basic things about the program so that you can make proper findings.

Ask some important questions

The major reason why you need to get some background knowledge of website design before visiting any center is for you to be able to ask some reasonable questions. Some of the questions you may ask as regards web design are:

  • The course outline – try to know what they have for you before going into it. If you’ve been able to get some background knowledge about the program, you may be able to relate their course outline to the things you know about web design. For instance, if their outline is all about using a CMS to build websites, and you already heard that HTML and CSS is very important, then you can ask them why they don’t offer HTML and CSS
  • The duration – ask them the time it would take for you to complete the program. If their web design training is between two and four weeks, chances that you will learn so much are lean.

Ask questions from their students

Another way to get more information about what a training center offers is to ask from their students. Find out what they were taught and what they can do on their own. If you really want to get the best information from them, try to ask them when the boss is not on seat.

Check their website

Unfortunately, the majority of the training centers in Badagry does not have a website. One of the important things you need to investigate if you’re looking for a place to learn website design is whether the training center has a website or not. If they have, review the design and find out whether they manage the website on their own, or someone else does the job. However, if they don’t have, try to look for another training center that has an active website. The reason why this is important is because you will learn more about website’s maintenance and optimization from people who manage websites regularly.

Compare cost

I strongly believe that you cannot learn and master web design with just #12,000 (twelve thousand Naira). Hell no, you’ve got to pay more. However, if a training center offers to train you for #12,000 or less, chances are you’ll not know more than the basics.

Other related skills/programs

There are several other skills that are very relevant to web design. Some of them are;

  • Search engine optimization
  • Web hosting and web mail configuration
  • Email marketing
  • Social media marketing, and
  • Graphics design.

It is not a must that a training center do all of these, however if they are skillful in these areas, particularly web hosting and web mail configuration, chances are you’ll get the best from them.

What we offer

Ojasweb Digital Solution offers website design and development for schools, churches, hospitals, and professionals. We also train people on web design, graphics design, email marketing, search engine optimization, lead generation, content marketing, social media marketing, and online business. You can also invite us to deliver speech in seminars, church, or schools.

For inquiry and/or contact Ojasweb at info@ojasweb.com, 08060380375 or 08078440640.

Address: Office 11,12,13, Awedis Shopping Mall Badagry Lagos