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Buying and selling is the most important thing in every business. Before we talk about how to buy product online, let’s explain how to sell products online for free in Nigeria, and where to get started without spending a dime.

To every businesses owner, getting customers who will buy his products on a regular basis is what makes his work complete. An economist will say, “The production process is complete when the product gets to the consumer.” It is only at this point, that the manufacturer gets returns from his efforts invested into production.

As a matter of fact, multi-national industries are not only concerned about what to produce, how to produce or even how to create something unique that satisfies the same needs all other products in the market satisfy. Rather, they also look into how to get this unique product into the hands of those who need it: the consumer.

In a fast growing world where the internet has become very popular and solves a lot of needs, the manufacturer maximizes the opportunity the internet presents, to reach a lot of people and sell their products.

In Nigeria also, where the online marketplace is booming, it is only imperative that sellers and manufacturers seize this opportunity to sell their products online and make huge sales.

Today’s topic is an expository on how to sell a product online for free in Nigeria. This makes it necessary for us to focus on the online platforms that allow people to sell on their sites for free. Although there are many online platforms in Nigeria but not all of them allow free transactions on their site.

The sites we are going to discuss, serve as a bridge, connecting sellers to their buyers. The sellers on these sites are required to open an account, upload the products they have for sales and put up all other relevant information including their contact info. The site admin then drives traffic to these products by general and targeted advertising methods. Buyers who are interested in a particular product only have to call the seller to negotiate on price (possibly) and discuss delivery arrangements.

Without further ado, let us reveal the necessary process that every seller must take to sell a product online for free in Nigeria.

  1. Select an online platform for your sales


Like I said earlier, there are many e-commerce platforms in Nigeria but not all of them allow sellers or merchants to sell their products for free on their site. The online platforms where you call sell your products for free include:

Which product do you want to sell?

It is important at this point, to choose the product you want to sell. Remember that the product must have the potential to make good sales.

Get complete information about your product

Either through online media or market survey, get a complete info about your product. This is to arm yourself with info that will help you market it well. The info needed include: pictures, its features, description and price.

Open an account on any of the free e-commerce sites

Choose any of the already listed free online selling sites, open an account and upload your product for sale.

Be sure to get good and attractive pictures of your product. This is one secret to getting buyers fast. “First impression,” they say, “matters.” Therefore, your picture should be attractive enough to create a strong first impression.

Your description should be explicit and detailed enough to establish a strong conviction in your buyers that your product is what they are looking for.

Be ready to sell

Yes! At this point, with everything all set up, be ready to make sales! Interested buyers will call you. Be polite and professional in your discussion with them. This highlights the fact that you must be ready to devote time to your business. Ensure that the phone number you provided is always available; so you don’t miss any buyer’s call.

Finally, you must be observant as well, to know how well your product is selling. This will help you to know whether to try out other products or continue with it. Follow these simple steps, with time, you will record huge daily sales.