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Where do i sell goods online in Nigeria, and how do i start without having a website of my own? I will answer that question in the next few paragraphs. Having heard about how people make millions online selling their products, you might want to join them so that you too can become a millionaire just by selling your products online, too. 

E-commerce has gained a speedy rise and popularity in Nigeria. That is why finding where to sell goods online is not a difficult issue.

There are many e-commerce sites which have come to stay in Nigeria. These sites have recorded huge success in delivering their services and Nigerians are happy buying and selling on them.

This article will show you where to sell your goods online which in other words, are the online marketplaces thriving in Nigeria, where you can sell your goods.

Without further ado, here are the sites where you can sell your goods online in Nigeria:

  • Jumia

Getting registered and setting up your store on Jumia is easy. You however, have to go to their office to get registered as a seller. Jumia is Nigeria’s most visited online store – and selling your goods on this site has the potential of bringing you a lot of returns. You can access the site on www.jumia.com.ng

  • Konga

This is another high-selling online store in Nigeria. In the registration process, you must indicate that you are a seller in order for Konga to view you as a seller. Your bank account details are also needed in your registration. I recommend that you open an account with the same bank as Kongapay. This is to enable easier and faster transactions on your seller account.

Konga allows you to make your shipping preferences: you can choose to ship your goods yourself or via k-express. K-express is the Konga owned shipping scheme. Head straight to www.konga.com and get yourself registered. Once registered, your account becomes active immediately for sales. Only be ready to attend to the customers that will be interested in buying your goods.

  • Kaymu

Just like its contemporaries, is another thriving online store in Nigeria. Kaymu allows interested sellers to register on the site and display their goods for sales. Kaymu also enjoys a steady and huge traffic. With this, you can be sure that your goods will receive adequate attention and patronage. Good customer service ensures a steady flow of customers on your account. This means huge sales and success for you. It is for this reason that I always advise that online goods sellers should always be available to devote time to their business and their customers. Some online buyers might be interested in buying your goods but may have one or two enquiries to make before parting with their money. In cases like this, they usually drop a message for the seller. A prompt response to these message does not just help keep such customers but also builds trust in them. Some of them, even refer their friends to buy from you. So go to www.kaymu.com to register, open your account and start selling.

  • Dealdey

This is another popular online store in Nigeria. The daily rate of sales on Dealdey, is an indication of its popularity among the many online shoppers who troop on Nigerian online stores daily to buy various goods. Dealdey also has provision for sellers to put their goods on “deals.” This lasts for a stipulated number of days, mostly 7 days. During this period, the goods in the “deals” section are hugely discounted and buyers who buy them while the deal is still active, are lucky: they buy the goods at lower prices.

Visit www.dealdey.com to open an ccount. Upload good pictures of your goods and begin to sell.

Owning an online store is not easy. Starting from the maintenance of the stock of your various goods, to the time you devote to it to ensure that customers are happy and satisfied are what keep you selling. Open an account with any of the above mentioned sites today and thank me later. 

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