If you live in a country where PayPal is not fully functional, you’ll definitely appreciate the availability of Payoneer in your country. I lives in Nigeria and I appreciate their services because they are the most reliable option for internet marketers in this part of the world. It has never been easier for me and some of my colleagues to withdraw our online earnings until we got a fully functional Payoneer account. Nowadays we don’t have anything to worry about because most of the reputable companies now pay with Payoneer. In this short review I will share my experience as regards Payoneer and the recent updates, including the major changes in the homepage.

I have been using Payoneer since 2014, and I can boldly say that their services has greatly improved compared to what they use to offer back in 2014.

The homepage

Payoneer’s homepage is the major area that got the most improvement over the last few months. The new interface looks more professional and easy to navigate. Unlike the previous design, when you click on the login button it automatically opens in new tab, making it easy for you to go back to the homepage at any time without closing or reloading the login tab. The homepage also links to the Blog, Products, Customers, About, and Help pages. The homepage graphics is amazing. One of the things you may experience with the new design is delay loading time, which is possible if you connection is weak.

Languagepayoneer master card

Payoneer supports up to nine languages including Espanol and Indian English. Of course, if your preferred language is not supported, you can use any of the available translators such as Google translator to translate the content of the site to your preferred language.


The new design has a lot of improvements, and the “customers” section has been grouped into different categories: Freelancing, eCommerce, Online Advertising, Stock Photography, Vacation Rentals, Localization, and Internet Payment Services. Some of the top freelancing sites supported by Payoneer are Upwork, 99designs, Fiverr, and Welocalize. Some of the companies supported in the eCommerce category are Amazon, Newegg, Teespring, Wish, and LAZADA Group.

Payment and Card loading

Payoneer has recently improved on their services and now allows companies in the US to pay their clients by issuing Cheque. They have also expand their partnership with other freelance companies, which makes it possible for people to withdraw funds directly to their Payoneer account. Loading of funds to Payoneer Master Card has been improved as well.

Card usage and compatibility

Payoneer’s Innovative Mass Payout solutions enable affiliate and ad networks to transfer funds quickly, securely and at a reduced cost to more than 200 countries and in over 150 currencies. Payoneer Master Card can be used in any ATM machine that supports Master Cards. This on its own is one of the reasons why majority of internet marketers in developing countries stick with Payoneer for withdrawing their funds.payoneer partners


Payoneer affiliate program is one of the best affiliate offers available at the moment. The program offers users another opportunity to earn money without doing much work. You can generate your affiliate link if you have an active Payoneer account. However, if you are not a registered member, you can register through my affiliate link below. When you register through my affiliate link you will earn $25 for free once you have withdrawn up to $100 into your account.

Subscription and Card Loading fees

Payoneer does charge each user $30 annually for card maintenance. There are two available options for loading funds into your Payoneer Master Card: Instant loading, and delayed loading. If you want your funds to be loaded into the card within 2 hours, the instant loading option is definitely the best. However, the charge is higher than that of delayed loading which is $1.how payoneer works


My previous experience with Payoneer was not encouraging due to security issues. I had previously experienced card duplicate issue from a remote location, which led to the blockage of the account. Fortunately, they have improved their security and cards are now secured. The new Cards now work perfectly without issues. In fact, you can use the Master Card to shop online without fear.

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