Hi, is everyone enjoying the moment just like i do? I hope so! It is just few weeks before year 2016, and i hope everyone here is planning something great for the upcoming year. You don’t need to wait until 2016 before you start reviewing your activities online. If you are reading this update, chances are you have a website, or manage one.

Whether you manage a free website, or have a premium one that brings in money all the time, you need to review it and check all the issues affecting your performance, and conversions. Obviously, it doesn’t matter whether you’re making money on your website or not. Monitoring your performance is very important, not only you’ll know what’s working well for you, but also have ideas of how to improve on it. Checking your performance regularly is important, as it helps you stick with the things that are working for you.

I have one thing which i hope everyone would like to implement before the end of this year. When i say everyone, i mean those who have a website or maintain one. And more importantly, if you spend money to drive traffic to your website, or invested heavily on backlink or SEO, then you’ll need to do this…wait a bit and read on

If you advertise your website on Google, Bing, Facebook, or via other ad platforms, such as affiliate offers, you also need to do this same thing. Of course, no one derives pleasure investing money where there’s no signs of return. Before you begin investing heavily on your website you need to start from the right angle. Am i deviating form the points? Not really, i would like for you to understand the reasons while you need to implement what i am about to mention. Now that i have talked about different things, and some of the reasons why you need to implement something on your website, we can move on and talk about it.

Alright, i won’t raise your adrenaline level at this time, what you need to do is to have a good ANALYTICS installed on your website, and review the activity of your website users time to time. If you have one installed, then you might need someone to review the data and tell you what you don’t know about your website. I assume that almost everyone knows how to check the overview of Google analytics data, however, only few people can interpret the data in the way it can be used to enhance website performance and conversion. What if i tell you that most people only installed analytics on their websites and forgot to review the data as they should? To some people, analytics tool is viewed as something to install on a website which will automatically enhance the search engine performance and traffic status of the website. Unfortunately, getting your tracking codes, and installing it on your website won’t do anything to enhance your website’s performance whatsoever. you’ve got to use the tool in the best way that can help you understand your website and reach your goals. Here are a couple of critical things you can do with your website analytics tool:

1. You can identify or differentiate real traffic from robotic traffic

2. You can understand your website users very well and know what they like.

3. You can know which of your techniques is really working, and which is not.

4. You can know the reasons for increase or reduce in website’s bounce rate.

5. You can filter out data that give you wrong impressions, and do lots more.

One of the critical things you can keep your eye at when reviewing your website analytics is users’ language. For example, if you’re selling a program or product that targets English speakers, and the majority of your website users are from China, or France, you can tell the reason why things are not working the way you want it. There are other critical things to check, however, i won’t be able to list just everything. If you’ll like for someone to review your website analytics for issues affecting the performance and conversion, i am that person to review your Google analytics for website performance, and other critical issues that affect your overall performance and conversion. One of the major reasons why you would want me to review your Google analytics is because i know exactly what effects the data has on your website.

Do show your interest by reaching out to me or visit https://goo.gl/t69Fke to learn more.