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Hi, and welcome. I hope you guys are doing pretty fine with your ecommerce business! I strongly encourage you to read this if you want to get more sales on Shopify. This article is based on my personal experience with several ecommerce sites, and not only those who are running on Shopify. For the startups, i welcome you to one of the most lucrative businesses on the internet. On a serious note, one of the things i know about this business is that most people struggle to drive relevant traffic to their site, and they usually get frustrated due to low or no sales. Obviously, this is the major challenge many people are facing. However, one thing i have noticed in my past few years as a Google partner is that most people shouldered the whole things on their advertising, forgetting that there are other factors that can affect sales volume. In this short article, i will highlight few things that can prevent you from getting sales even if you have the best website and targeting for your ads.


1. Selling the exact thing your coach mentioned in his course.

Most people get so excited when the watched some videos and they immediately replicate the same thing without doing their homework. Now consider a situation where hundreds of people like you are doing the same thing. What do you think would happen? The market will be saturated because almost all of you will apply the same strategy thought in the course. My take, instead of you selling the exact thing your instructor teaches, try to do some research and find a better niche for yourself.

2. Higher than normal expectations.

So your instructor shows some screenshots of his profit margin and the next thing you do is to raise your expectation immediately. This is not the best way to start. You need to lower your expectation and do things gradually. Don’t aim too high at first. Start slow and watch things changing positively before you scale up.

3. Inflated pricing.

On average, three out of five online shoppers view more than one site when trying to purchase something online. Now, let say someone visits two online stores and both sell the same product. Store A has price at $97 and store $B at $85. Obviously, without doing further research, majority of the shoppers will buy from seller B. This is one of the things most people don’t know. Raising your price just too high can make you lose so many prospects to your competitors. My take. If you’re starting very new, consider moderate profit and let your pricing be appealing. Don’t go too high. However, when you start building your list and having repeated buyers, you can push some expensive offer to them.

4. Advertising cannot do all the work.

So you put up your store, setup your Facebook campaigns, and sit back. Right? You’re wrong. Your advertising cannot do all the work. A little interaction on your site helps a lot. Of course, you can’t be there all the time. However, when you’re available, try to interact with your visitors. Have a chat app installed and try to be helpful. Not all visitors know how to do what you want them to do. Ask if they need your help or if there are specific things they’re looking to get.

5. Not accepting suggestions and corrections.

On several occasions, when i ask my clients to adjust their pricing or get something fixed on their store, they ignore it and want me to do the magic with ads. Unfortunately, ads cannot force people to cope with bad conditions. If your store is not friendly, or takes forever to load, most visitors will leave very quickly. The ads can only drive quality traffic to your site, however, it cannot force them to stay or buy from you. Always try to listen to suggestions and apply the necessary changes to your store.

6. Don’t think you can do everything on your own.

You actually want to start a business and you think you can do everything on your own. Right? You’re wrong. You need to work with other experts. Consider having some savings so that you can hire experts to do some work for you. Don’t just throw your money at Facebook, look for skillful advertiser to help.

7. Consider using different marketing platforms

Your instructor talks about using Facebook ads and how awesome it was for him to get 50 conversions with just $30. And you too thinks that is the best thing for you. My friend, think twice. Don’t throw all your advertising budget at Facebook. Consider running ads on different platforms. Think about Google shopping, Yelp, craigslist, and some quality advertising platforms. With this, you can measure the effectiveness of each platform and make a better decision for your business.

So, what can i do to help the situation?

I am not a do-it-all guy, i have my favorite platform and i will always recommend it. I am a Google partner, and shopping campaign specialist. I have worked with several people and i have been able to help some businesses increase their sales. Not only that i setup and manage adwords campaigns, i also monitor traffic in analytics and give some recommendations. As a Google partner, i also have the privilege to give free AdWords coupon to new users. So, if you’d like to consider adwords, i’ll be more than happy to help. Go now and blast my inbox with your request. And lest i forget, my charges are very cheap.

Welcome online!

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