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Obviously, digital marketing is not something that you can learn and master in just a few days. There are several online marketing niches, each with many sub-niches and countless tools. Choosing the right niche based on your interest can help you learn faster and become expert. learn more about the various niches here.

Obviously, there are many reasons why you might want to acquire skills in online marketing,, however before you decide which course you should take and where to learn it, make sure you understand some basic things that can help you learn better and acquire the right skills. Online marketing and digital marketing are two interchangeable worlds that are often used to describe online businesses and how to use several internet tools to increase business’ visibility and acquire more customers. The two phrases are pretty much the same, so don’t get disturbed when someone call it digital marketing instead of online marketing.

The different niches in online marketing

Often times people contact me and ask if i can train them in digital marketing and how to make money online, and my answer to their inquiry is YES, i can. However, one common thing among these people is that they don’t understand what digital marketing is. Most of these people consider digital marketing as a single course that they can learn within few days. Unfortunately, that’s not true. There are different departments in digital marketing. Actually, we call these different departments niches. So if you hear someone echoing the word NICHE to your hearing all the time, he’s actually talking about different departments in digital marketing. In order for you to have a better understanding of these niches, and narrow your search to the most relevant skill, i’ll highlight the most popular niches and briefly talk about them.

Search Engine Marketing

This is undoubtedly the most advanced niche in the digital marketing world. It is basically the form of online marketing that helps people to increase their business’ visibility on search engines like Google, Bing, Yahoo! and several others. Although it is the act of using the search engines to increase business’ visibility, however it is usually a paid service. Search engine marketing can also be referred to as pay per click  (PPC) advertising. The three most popular platform for search engine marketing (SEM) are Google, Bing, and Yahoo!. This niche is not usually the starting point for almost all the internet marketers because there are other relevant online marketing skills that are needed in order to become a better search engine marketer

Email marketing

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This is pretty common among every online marketer. In fact, it is the oldest and most popular online marketing niche. Email marketing is the process of using email technology to promote businesses to people who have recently show interest in the business, either by voluntary subscription or after downloading some materials on the marketers’ websites. Several marketer have also argued that email marketing is the most effective means of promoting businesses online.

Search Engine Optimization

This is another complex niche in the online marketing world. Like the first one (SEM) which requires payment in other to promote business on search engine, search engine optimization helps business owners to increase their online visibility on search engines without having to pay any money to the search provider. Undoubtedly, search engine is the best place that can help business owners to drive huge and relevant traffic to their website. While SEM is a paid service, SEO is a free method that can help business owners to drive traffic to their website without having to pay. However, search engine optimization is very competitive.

Content Marketing – This is another online marketing niche that is very popular among bloggers. Content marketing can also be referred to as article marketing. Content marketing has been proven to be one of the best methods to improve websites’ search engine optimization. It is the process of writing and publishing quality and relevant articles online. This niche seems to be the easiest niche to learn because it doesn’t involve many sophisticated technology.

Video Marketing – is also another niche in the internet marketing world. As the name implies, it is the process of using video and animation objects to promote business online. If you’re familiar with YouTube, definitely you know where most video marketers post their videos. Lest i forget, YouTube is the most popular video marketing website in the world. It is also known as video search engine. Video marketing is one of the online marketing niches that are just getting more attention. In fact, it one of the trending online marketing niches as at the time of writing this article.

Social Media Marketing – is another popular online marketing niche. I’m pretty sure everyone who have access to the internet knows what social media is. If your mind tells you Facebook is one of them, you’re correct. Undoubtedly, Facebook is the most popular social media platform in the world. With over 1 billion registered users and several millions daily users, it remains one of the best online marketing platforms. Promoting your business on Facebook can change the story for you. Like search engines, social media marketing can also be free or paid. Paid advertising on social media is known as advertising. Many people also call it pay per click advertising.

Blogging and Vlogging – These are two separate niches, but pretty similar. Blogging is the act of regularly updating your blog with quality and informative contents. Blogging is one of the most popular online marketing niches in Nigeria. Personally, i’ll say it is the most popular niche in Nigeria because almost everyone almost everyone wants to become a blogger, owning to the fact that some pioneer bloggers have made it really big. Lest i forget, vlogging is the process of regularly publishing or uploading of fresh videos in the video marketing platforms. Vlogging is becoming more popular nowadays.


how to start freelancing work

Is another niche in online marketing. Note that freelancing can also be used offline. As far as online marketing is concerned, freelancers are the sets of people who offer services for people online. These people don’t need to meet with each other before they can close business. You can be in any part of the world and offer your freelance service to those who need it. Interestingly, i am also a freelancer. I have been working as a freelancer online since 2013. One thing you should know about the freelancers is that everyone has his/her own area of specialization, and you can offer any online marketing skills. Myself as an example, i work as a freelance web developer, search engine marketer, and search engine optimizer.

There are other niches in the internet marketing world, however these are the most popular among them. Now that you know the niches, you should be able to tell which one you’d like to learn. One of the things i usually tell my followers is that they should learn based on their interest. Digital marketing is broad, hence trying to learn everything at the same time will not help you. Make sure you choose the right skills that match your interest.

I hope this little information will help you choose the right skills in online marketing. Enjoy, and feel free to share with others.