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This make money online search trends infographic shows the twelve months search trends for five selected countries including, the US, UK, CA, AU, and NG. The reason for the research is to reveal the amount of search volume for the keyword in the countries, and better use the data for marketing purposes. If you’re into the make money online business, this little, but mighty information can help you make informed decision. I am looking forward to doing the same research for countries like India, China, Mexico, Indonesia, and the Philippines. Below is the infographic and short explanation of the data.

Ojasweb Research


As expected, USA has the largest share of all the searches in the infographic. However, one thing i noticed in the data is the trend. Traffic peak on January and dropped drastically the following month. Traffic status also peak on January for the other countries, however it is fewer than that of the USA.


What impressed me in this report is the fact that mobile phone is leading the market and this is not happening in one country but all the countries in this research. This is a signal that mobile phone is taking the biggest share of the market, and anyone who’s not taking advantage of the mobile phone influx will probably fall behind.


  1. the search trend shows the best period of the year to promote “make money online” products to reach the most people.
  2. The report reveals the importance of mobile traffic.
  3. The report also shows that USA has the largest share of the search.
  4. The report shows the major cities with the most searches in each of the five countries.
  5. The report also shows that tablet users have the lowest search volume.

I hope this data help you explore the make money online niche in the coming years. Enjoy!