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Google AdWords is all about online advertising that can help you increase your sales. If you invest in Google AdWords, and you’re not making sales, it is probably you are not doing it right or your offer is not very attractive to the users. Continue reading to learn how to use Google AdWords in Nigeria.

With Google’s large network in the internet and consequently, the huge traffic that bombarded Google search, YouTube and other products each day advertising on Google should be a profitable choice.

But unfortunately, there are internet marketers who advertise on Google AdWords without getting any improvement in their sales. Most business owners in Nigeria, rush into advertising on Google AdWords without understanding how it works or how to maximize its money making potentials to increase their sales. They end up all frustrated, discouraged and convinced that Google AdWords is not the right choice for them.

But there is good news: Google AdWords has brought tremendous increase in sales and happiness to those who utilized it effectively both in Nigeria and beyond. There are many successful internet marketers in Nigeria today, whose success has a lot of contribution from their Google AdWords campaigns. They invested wisely in Google AdWords and got the expected increase in sales.

We will look into how you too can use Google AdWords to increase sales just like your Nigerian contemporaries have done.

Follow the steps below to learn the secrets of how Google AdWords can help you record a tremendous increase in your sales: After reading this article, i recommend for you to download our free eBook on AdWords.

  1. What are you selling/advertising?

What you are advertising to the public will determine what your ad copy, choice of keywords, target location etc, will be. What you are advertising could be a product, your store, your services or even your company. Each of these have various approaches in advertising that are peculiar to them and that will get the necessary attention from buyers online. If you don’t know which mechanism is suitable for you to advertise your business, kindly contact us for help.

  1. What ad type is ideal for your business goals

The tip in number 1 above, recommends that you set-up your Google AdWords campaign based on what you’re actually advertising. But while doing that, you must also choose the ideal media type to use for your advert. Possible media types include text, image, and video etc. These days, statistics have shown that adverts done with videos record more conversions and increase in sales. But you should know that video ads may not be suitable for your business. The point is, whatever choice you make in your media type, make sure it has the necessary professional touch it needs to draw attention. If you can’t do it yourself, get professional help.

  1. Who are you advertising to?

Target Specific Location using Google AdWords

At this point, you must select how far you want your adverts to go. Google allows you to target specific or your desired cities where you want your ad to be seen. This way, it is only people browsing from your selected cities that will see your ads. If you are advertising your store (a physical store), it would be wise to advertise to your locality other than to a farther area, because it is the people in your locality who will be able to come to your shop and patronize you, unless you have a means of delivering your products to customers without additional cost. For instance, if you are advertising your jewelry store, it may be wise for you to target people living in your city rather than the entire country. But if it is an e-commerce jewelry store, you can spread your net wider, so long as you can deliver to those areas.

  1. Set up a budget

In order to manage and effectively weigh your progress with your Google AdWords campaign, you must set up a budget for it and be strict with it. Google allows you to set the amount you are willing to pay for your ads. For example, you can set your CPC (Cost Per Click) at $0.5 and your daily budget at $10. This means that you can only have about 20 clicks per day if all the clicks are $0.5 per click. This re-emphasizes the fact that your ad must have the professional touch it needs to record high conversions. Having only 20 clicks a day, makes it critical that you make the most of that number.

I hope you were able to get a better understanding of how to use Google AdWords in Nigeria to increase sales. Google AdWords provides you the perfect solution for your advertising needs and it takes a very easy process to set up. However, you might run into a huge loss if you don’t have proper knowledge of online advertising and how to target the right people.

The amazing thing about Google AdWords is that you can run it all by yourself if you have the right skills!

In case you’re looking to hire a professional AdWords manager, feel free to contact us for free consultation and campaign management.

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