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This is going to be a very simple guide that will help you to understand the major requirements of Google advertising and how to advertise on Google in Nigeria. Although, many people believe that advertising on Google is only possible for the big companies that are ready to invest a reasonable amount of money on PPC advertising. This is not true. Anyone can advertise on Google with any amount.  In this short article, I will explain the requirements for running adverts on Google and how you can do it in Nigeria.

Google AdWords – what is it all about?

Google AdWords is the department in Google that handles everything related to advertising on the giant search engine YouTube and Google’s display network.  Unlike Google AdSense, which is a network for publishers, AdWords is the platform that allows people to advertise with Google. One important thing you need to know about Google AdWords is that you don’t need to wait for Google to approve your account before you can publish your ads. In fact, it takes less than 20 minutes to sign up and configure a new AdWords account. So, when you register with Google AdWords, you’ll be able to advertise with Google without delay.

How do I create my AdWords account?

Creating your Google AdWords account doesn’t require any hectic process. It is really damn simple. All what you need to register is your Gmail account. Once you create a Gmail account, simply go to https://adwords.google.com or https://www.google.com/adwords and login with your Gmail account. The next step after the login is campaign creation. You might be confused at that level of campaign creation, but don’t worry, just follow the instruction and create a new campaign. However, if you don’t want to waste your time creating a campaign, simply go to the billing setting and fill your billing information. Your billing information is the bank account you’d like for Google to bill. Obviously, you won’t be able to run your ads without completing the billing settings.

Once you have filled in the correct information, you’ll need to deposit some funds into the account so that Google can publish your ads.

How to pay for the adverts


One of the major problems of online advertising in Nigeria is how to pay for adverts without stress. In some countries, PayPal and some other e-payment methods can be used to pay for google advertising. However, in Nigeria, the only available method to pay for google advertising as at the time of writing this article is by using a compatible Master Card.

As at the time of writing this article, several people have complained that most of the Nigerian banks do not allow them to use their Master Card to pay on websites that bill in dollars. However, if you have a dollar Master Card such as Payoneer, that would be the best option for you to pay.

Once you have been able to add funds to your AdWords account, you can start using the funds to advertise your business on Google search, YouTube, play store, Gmail, and Google display network.

What can be advertised on Google?

Google allows advertisers to promote pretty much anything that complies with their advertising policy. However, their policy is quite strict, and prevents people from promoting anything related to drugs, human trafficking, child trafficking, crime, and a couple of other illegal activities. In addition to the illegal product and services, Google respect advertising policy in every country. Provided that your business comply with their advertising policy, you can promote it and reach many people on the web. You can read up the policy on their website to learn more about what is allowed and what are not.

Some things you need to know about Google AdWords

  • The interface is really complex, and it can be a serious burden for a beginner.
  • AdWords certification is one of the most complex and professional digital marketing programs available today.
  • Setting up adverts on Google AdWords is not as easy as many people describe it.
  • Advertising budget can be burnt easily without getting a single result.
  • Depending on your industry, CPC may be as high as $100 per click.
  • Provided you have funds in your account, you can create as many ads as possible.
  • When you advertise on Google AdWords, you have the option to show your ads on YouTube, Google search, Google play store, Gmail, maps and AdSense enabled websites.
  • Advertising on Google maybe costly.

These are some of the things you need to know about Google AdWords. It is highly advisable to hire a competent person to manage your AdWords account so that you can get the best result from your advertising.

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We also provide ongoing management of Google AdWords campaign. Contact us today for your online advertising.

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