I will tell you why you need a Google ads manager in Nigeria. However, if you’ll like to learn how to manage Google ads professionally, i have created some practical training videos that will take you by hand and show you how i setup, optimize, track and manage Google ads in Nigeria. Click here to get started.

Google ads manager has a lot of things to offer to help you grow your business in this digital age. You’re on this page because you are looking for a specialist and accredited Google ads expert who will help you get the result you need.

Let’s breakdown the major things that will happen to your business if you start advertising your products or services on Google ads network starting from today. And of course, these are possible ONLY if you hire competent Google ads manager that understands your business, the audience and the ads platform.

  1. Reach millions of active, targeted and eager-to-buy audiences that are frequently look for solutions, offers, products and services on the Google’s ads network including Google search, YouTube, maps, mobile apps, and blogs (publishers network). This will help you build stronger awareness, and maintain your share of the market.
  2. Drive more sales profitably and retain loyal customers using the various opportunities and powerful features available in the Google ads network.
  3. Capture, analyze and measure your most valuable data, performance and ROI with the help of Google’s powerful tracking capabilities of conversions software, attribution, cross devices tracking and Google analytics.
  4. Re-engage your customers, upsell your products and services, and maintain longer customers’ lifetime value with the help of the powerful retargeting options available both in the Google search and display network.

Let’s leave all the accolades, features and awards for now and talk about your business. If your business is successful, definitely we are.

What Is Your Marketing Plan And The Goal Of Your Online Advertising?

All our clients’ goals fall in one or more of these three major categories:

  • Brand awareness (e.g new businesses)
  • Website traffic (e.g media companies)
  • Sales or Leads (e.g ecommerce businesses)

Pretty likely your goal also falls in one or more of these. And fortunately, we can help you achieve your goals.

Tell us your budget on Google advertising

97% of our clients have fixed advertising budget for their business during the first few months, and later scale up as the business expands and the need for expansion in advertising scope arises. At Ojasweb Digital Solution, we set minimum requirement for advertising budget depending on the goals, target market, demography and some other criteria. Irrespective of the criteria, the starting budget must be 600 USD per month.

No enough money to hire a Google ads manager in Nigeria? Then this recommended Google ads setup guide is for you. Gain instant access plus lifetime update and support.

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