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Need to build and maintain a stronger social media presence for your business on Facebook? Hire a professional Facebook manager in Nigeria. With the help of a professional Facebook manager, you will be able to build a stronger social media presence for your business, maintain good communication with customers, update your business page regularly, and run promotional offers to help you drive more business and sales. In the next few lines i will highlight some of the things you need to know about hiring a Facebook manager in Nigeria and how to get started.

What Facebook manager do

A Facebook manager is someone who has advanced skills in Facebook platform, and knows how to use the available features and tools to build and improve business’ social presence. Facebook managers can post updates on behalf of the business owner, respond to inquiries, reply comments, manage reviews, etc. Learn more about our Facebook management service.

What tools do they use?

There are numerous tools available for managing Facebook accounts, however every manager has their preferences. Also, depending on the nature of the business and how often you’ll want the manager to work on the page, some might require API development in order to be able to perform efficiently. Some of the major tools you need to authorize in order to manage your page effectively are:

  • Hootsuite
  • Hubspot
  • MeetEdgar
  • Sprout Social
  • Buffer, etc.

How do i give a manager permission to my business page?

You don’t need to provide your login details in order to give Facebook manager access to your business page. Facebook has a tool that makes it easy to add people to pages without sharing login details. In order to grant permission, all what you need to do is to visit your page settings, select “page roles” and add the person using the provided space. See image below for steps.

facebook manager permission

What is the cost to hire a Facebook manager?

There’s no fixed cost for hiring a Facebook manager in Nigeria. Cost usually depends on the nature of the work, how often to update the page, the contents, and other unforeseen tasks. Here at Ojasweb, the minimum monthly budget for managing a Facebook page is forty thousand Naira. Of course, it could be higher depending on the work load. If you’ll like for us to manage your page, kindly click the button below and send some information about your business to us.

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