Are You Tired Of Google Ads Disapproval?


Stop Thinking That Google Ads Is Not For You. Let Me Show You The Way...

The strategies in this special course work for every niche. This is one of my best-kept Google advertising secrets.

Whether you're selling ADULT PRODUCTS, or promoting RESTRICTED BUSINESSES such as marijuana, tech repairs, affiliate programs, etc, the strategies will work for you.


How would you feel if you could GET all your ADS approved to run on Google without any issue?

How would you feel if you could advertise any SENSITIVE PRODUCTS or SERVICES without the fear of account suspension?

Would you like to discover my over 6 years secrets for advertising JUST any products, offers or service on Google without problem?

LISTEN! In 2019 alone, Google blocked and removed nearly 2.7 billion bad ads - that's 5,000 per minute. This gesture alone has caused serious set back to several small businesses.

I know what you might be thinking by now. Probaly your ads are among the ones hit by the Google's powerful robots. 

Why Are My Ads Disapproved On Google?

As seen in the image below, Google maintain strict rules about certain businesses, and this is the main reasons for ads disapproval and account suspended. If your business is among the businesses that are restricted on Google, it could be due to one or more of the reasons below.

> Your products/services are too sensitive <

> Your ads and or your landing page is misleading <

> Products advertised on your website are control substances <

> Your products fall under prescription medicine <

> Your products are classified as family unsafe <

> Your products are some of the blacklisted products on Google <


These are just few of the numerous reasons why your ads are being disapproved. All of these reasons are policy violations on Google. And in most cases, repeated violation of these policies will result in permanent account suspension. 

Can I Still Advertise My Business On Google?

This is one of the numerous questions people ask me on a daily basis before i decided to make this course. I have published several videos on YouTube on how to run ads on Google successfully. However, this particular one is a different thing entirely.

If there's anything i can do for you before you close this page, it would be the SOLUTION TO YOUR GOOGLE ADS CHALLENGES. So, i guarantee that you will still be able to advertise your business on Google with the help of this special course.

But before i talk about the most anticipated SOLUTION i have for you, let me ask you few questions.

If you find a solution to the issue today, are you ready to implement it now?

Are you looking for this solution for your personal business?

Would you be willing to share your testimony after implementing my strategies?

Are you ready to start now?

If your answers to the questions above is YES, then...SOMETHING mind blowing is right here for you.

Don't get distracted just yet. This is really important!

Do You Guarantee That This Course Will Solve My Problem?

Do not buy this course just because of the CHEAP PRICE. I know the price is way too cheap for the value in the course. But let me tell you some reasons why you have to purchase the course before the price shoots up.

Look at the image below...

that's a whooping 2.56 Million US Dollars in advertising spent.

That's my company agency. Ojasweb Digital Solution.

You are also reading this page on my agency website.

Now ask yourself the following questions:

Can i really trust someone who has managed ads with over 2.5 million US dollars in advertising spent in just 4 years?

Is it worth it to buy a course from someone who has over 6 years extensive and persistence experience managing Google ads?

What is your answers to the two questions above?

If YES, Congratulations to you. If NO. Kindly go ahead and close this page.

But wait!!!

Look at the images below. Pay attention to the REVENUE and the AD COST. I don't have the intention of having too many images on this page because of the loading time. But i just have to add some so as to encourage you with positive hope. How cool!

Over 200 thousands USD revenue generated with less than 16,000 USD advertising spent. Have you seen this kind of results before? That's not all. Look at another one below.

Over 180 thousands USD generated with less than 14,000 USD in advertising spent.

Are you now convinced that you can trust me?


The solution you've been thisty for is finally here...

You can now get yourself back on Google and dominate the top pages with your ads. 

This is no hype. This is the SIMPLE truth.

So let's get a little more busy...



The #1 course on the internet that teaches  Google Ads Hacks - Get Any Ads Approved To Run On Without Issue. This is truly the game changer. It works 99.9%.

Here's what you'll discover in this training course:

What is takes to advertise CONTROLLED products on Google

Important Google ads policy you must be aware of

Landing page designs that truly beat every Google ads policy

How to creatively craft your "CONTROLLED" ads to get approved

The best ways to target your "CONTROLLED" ads with keywords

How to handle sensitive keywords or images on your landing page

What to know about optimizing your "CONTROLLED" ads on Google

How to get the best results from your Google ads

...and much, much more!

This is the exact thing i have thought a lot of people how to do. And that is the exact thing i want to give you on this page. How cool!

You can now have rest of mind. No more ads disapproval or account suspension. HELL NO!

No more ads not running.

Who this course is for: 

Anyone who wants to master how to advertise "SENSITIVE products, offer or SERVICES on Google.

Anyone who wants to avoid Google ads disapproval.

Anyone who wants to advertise affiliate, CPA or "CONTROLLED" products on Google without getting suspended.

Anyone who wants to get the best results from their "CONTROLLED" ads on Google.

Anyone who wants to manage their Google ads without hiring another person to do it.

Anyone who wants to keep eyes on their Google ads account.


Go back and watch the video above, and also look at the image below. My agency has been certified by Google since 2014.

So whatever i tell you about Google ads is possible.

And you will be able to do it with the help of this special course.

All the features above are just some of the numerous things you'll be able to do with this powerful course you're about to see.


Did you see the image of my agency's Google ads dashboard above?

Did you see the consistency and the amount spent on ads?

Let me tell you a secret...

We won't have gotten most of the successes we got from Google ads without extensive research, analysis and implementation of strategies.


I am not going to ask you to pay $250 for this special course.

Even though you'll get more value from this course, you will NOT pay quarter of the price.

I am doing this for you because of the huge encouragement i got from my subscribers on YouTube.

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