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I like free things as much as you do. So, if you’re looking for free methods to advertise new business in Nigeria, i’ve got something cool for you. You don’t have to be a millionaire before you can benefit from the huge resources online. Let’s explore some great opportunities together.

To some people, starting a business is not really the problem, however finding effective ways to advertise and drive more sales are the major issues. You’ll agree with me that things are not exactly the same with everyone as some people launched their business with millions of Naira, while several other people started with less than 500,000 Naira borrowed from cooperative. If you’re in the former category, i’m quite sure that you have a bigger plan to shake the industry unaware. However for the majority of people in Nigeria who managed to setup their business with insufficient resources, this short post will reveal some cheap and effective ways to advertise online without having to pay heavily.

1. Forum activity

Nowadays you don’t really need to have a website before you can start advertising online. With the increasing popularity of forum websites and other interactive online communities, you can actually signup and start advertising your business in a polite and professional way. Forum websites make it really easy for members to create threads and publish relevant information in the thread. Interestingly, when you create a thread in a forum and update it with relevant information, other members of the forum can also join the discussion and make the thread even more popular. This won’t cost you money unless you’re trying to use some premium features of the website.

One of the things you need to know before you start advertising your business in forums is the rules for creating threads. Every online forum has rules that guide the usage. If you’re new to a site, make sure you get yourself acquainted with the rules. Do not intend to spam the site. Make sure that you’re professional in your activity. Instead of having to post your offers in every active thread, try to create your own thread and make it active by regularly updating it with informative content. Give room for questions and do all your best to provide answers as quick as you can. While doing everything possible to engage with the users, do not forget to post your offer occasionally. Doing this in a professional way can help you build good reputation and get more people to know about your business.

2. Blog commenting

Commenting on relevant blog posts is another effective ways to advertise your business online. This is also a free method, as you won’t be asked to make payment before posting your comment. Like the previous one, commenting on blog posts can help you build good reputation for your business. Of course, you don’t have to comment on every single post you see online. You need to look for websites or blogs that are very related to what you want to advertise. Another important thing you need to know is that you need to add valuable comments to the blog post, otherwise the comment might be deleted by the blog admin.

Every comment must be very related to the original post, or as a response to some of the previous comments by another readers. You can mention your product or services in your comment, however they have to be very relevant to what the discussion is all about. Without the relevancy, your comment will be as useless as not posting it at all.

3. Classified ad posting

classified ad websites in nigeria

Classified ad websites are some of the best and cheapest methods for new businesses to advertise online. I have already discussed about this in one of my previous posts. Posting ads on classified ad websites can help you get more customers without paying for advertisement. One of the interesting things about classified ad posting is that you can post unlimited ads without getting banned. The basic truth is that every classified ad website wants people to post ads regularly so that the website can become popular. While you’re posting your ads for free, they’re also helping you to advertise your business. With this, you get more exposure for your business for free. Below are some of the top classified ad websites in Nigeria.

With these websites, you can create your online store and post ads for free. However, if you decided to gain more exposure for your business, you can request for premium service by paying certain amount.

4. Social media activity

Social media training courses

You’re missing so many things if you’re not promoting your business on social media. With social media, you can publish anything for free. One of the good things about social media is that you are not limited from posting ads. As long as you’re not doing anything against the usage policy, you can advertise your business for free.

When i say social media, i’m talking about Facebook, twitter, LinkedIn, Google plus and some other giant social media websites. with these websites, you can promote your business and get more people to know about it. And guess what, all of these methods can be done without spending a dime.

I hope this post adds value to you. If you need help running adverts on Google and the Google advertising network, feel free to contact us. You can also post your questions in the comment box.

See you online.