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Online advertising is becoming more popular in Africa, and particularly in Nigeria. The criteria used to classify the most effective online advertising in Nigeria are based on different factors and the goals of the advertising. If you’ve been using different online advertising platforms, it is most likely that you’ll prefer some of the platforms due to their simplicity, reach and/effectiveness. I personally prefer some of the advertising platforms because of their near-accurate targeting and larger audience. All of these will be discussed in the next few paragraphs.

Obviously, there are many ways to run adverts on the internet. However, not all the available techniques or platforms are effective in Nigeria. If you’re new to the online advertising, it is very important for you to understand how it works and which techniques or platform is best for your business. As a full time digital marketer and online advertiser, I have run adverts on almost all of the popular advertising platforms available on the internet. In this article, I will share my personal experience, and use some of the freely available research reports to explain why some online advertising platforms are the best for Nigerian market.

Before we go into the details, let’s quickly discuss some of the reasons why you need to advertise your business online, and why you should do your homework before using any of the available advertising platforms.

Why advertising online?

The world is going digital, I guess you’re aware of it. As at the time of writing this article, more than 1 billion people are already using the internet throughout the world. Nowadays, it is quite easy to connect with people in different parts of the world using the internet. Back in the days when the internet was not available, communication was very limited to the people in your territory or using the expensive media. Now that everyone has access to the internet, it is extremely easy for business owners to use the sophisticated tools to promote their businesses to people beyond their local environment. You can use the internet to deliver your advertisement to targeted people in different parts of the world at affordable rate. In fact, you can decide to segment your audience and deliver your adverts to people based on their, interest, age, gender, ethnicity, parental status, etc. Amazingly, you can do all of these from the comfort of your bedroom. So, with the unlimited opportunities, online advertising is worth it for every business.

Most effective online advertising in Nigeria

The effectiveness of online advertising can be determined in different ways. Before you get carried away by the numerous testimonials, it is important for you to know the kind of results you are expecting for your advertising. Some people measure the effectiveness of their campaigns by the number impressions they get, the calls, leads, website SignUp or sales. If your primary objective is to boost your sales, you need to understand your market and know the best way to reach them. So, which are the most effective online advertising in Nigeria?

Google AdWords

FiverGoogle Adwords Experts

Even if you don’t know what AdWords is, I’m pretty sure that you know the Google search engine. AdWords is the Google’s department that deals with advertising. If you’re new to the online advertising, you need to look for a competent person or advertising agency to manage your campaign. Undoubtedly, Google AdWords is the most complex online advertising platform available today. Whether you’re planning to advertise your business on YouTube, Google search engine, Gmail, Google play store or other websites in the display network, you need to be familiar with AdWords and all the sophisticated tools available for advertisers.

There are many reasons why AdWords is regarded as the most effective online advertising in Nigeria. Highlighted below are some of the notable reasons:

  • AdWords allow advertisers to run different kinds of advertising, such as a text ad, banner ad, and video ads.
  • AdWords also allow advertisers to publish ads on different websites in the Google Display Network (GDN).
  • There are ad choices available for advertisers to choose from
  • You only pay per ad click (PPC)
  • Google also refunds invalid ads click, making it possible for advertisers to review their ads and optimize it for better performance.
  • Ability to automate different aspects of the campaign.
  • Ability to setup “call only ads”
  • Integration with third party apps and devices, etc.

How effective is Google AdWords?

As stated in one of the previous paragraphs, campaign effectiveness can be determined in different ways. For Google AdWords, you can track every single activity in your campaign. Some of the interesting things about Google AdWords is that you can run adverts for different purposes, such as business awareness, lead generation, sales drive, survey, video views, application installs, etc.

Since the advertising results can be measured by clicks, conversions, app installation, calls, and video views, it is very possible to get the best result without spending too much of money.

Facebook Advertising

facebook pages for business in nigeria

Facebook advertising is the most popular online advertising in Nigeria. The reason for the popularity might be due to the simplicity of the platform and the advertising process. Obviously, anyone can sign up and run adverts on Facebook within a couple of minutes. Unlike Google AdWords, advertising on Facebook doesn’t take much of your time.

Although I prefer to use Google AdWords for various reasons, however there are a couple of things I like about Facebook ads. Below are some of the interesting features of Facebook advertising.

  • You can run your campaign with just $1 per day and get some impressive results.
  • You can advertise your business page to get more fans.
  • You can advertise your mobile game
  • You can promote your upcoming events or offer.
  • The advertising platform is not as complex as Google AdWords
  • You can specify the age, gender and/or parental status of people you’d like Facebook to deliver your adverts to.
  • Facebook adverts does not require complex research. You don’t need to know the intricacies of keywords research and competition analysis before you can set up your advert.

What can you achieve with Facebook advertising?

Of course, Facebook advertising can increase your business’ popularity, increase your customers’ base, get more sales and build a customers’ list. I personally recommend Facebook advertising for those who are looking for cheap and effective ways to increase their business’ awareness. With Facebook advertising, you can set your minimum budget and monitor the results.

Classified Ads


The most popular classified ad website in Nigeria is OLX. If you think the reason for the popularity is due to their free listing service and extensive commercial, you’re absolutely correct. Everyone likes free stuff. Classified ad is one of the effective online advertising in Nigeria. Highlighted below are some of the popular classified ad websites in Nigeria:

  • com
  • com.ng
  • ng
  • com
  • com.ng

Some of the classified ad websites are completely free to use. However, some offer paid listing to push your ads to the top pages. If you’re a lover of free ad slot, try to check some of the sites listed above. Of course, you can decide to pay for premium listing once you enjoy their service.

Just before you say goodbye!

You need to learn more about the advertising platforms and how to use them effectively. The information provided in this article does not guarantee that you’ll get the best result if your campaign is not properly set. As a full-time digital marketer and a Google AdWords expert, I would advise you to hire a competent person to be in charge of your online advertising while you save yourself from unnecessary headache.

If you’re planning to go with Google AdWords, Ojasweb Digital Solution would be glad to assist you to run a successful campaign for your business. We currently manage AdWords for businesses in the US, UK, Australia, Canada, etc. Contact us at info@ojasweb.com for more information.